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  • Buy 250 ZMT and lock with ZipLock feature and earn 2.5 ZMT!
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About Zipmex

Zipmex is a fully licensed Singapore-based digital asset exchange that aims to provide advanced services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers.

The platform boasts an elegant interface and powers transactions with a seamless experience for users to buy and sell assets effortlessly.


In January 2021, Zipmex announced that it has secured US$6 million in funding in a round led by US venture capital firm Jump Capital. According to Zipmex, the new capital will be used to diversify its product offerings, including the expansion of its interest-bearing product ZipUp and its new native token ZMT.

In August 2021, Zipmex announced a milestone $41M Series B with Bank of Ayudhya’s corporate venture capital arm, Krungsri Finnovate, and publicly listed multimedia companies Plan B Media and Master Ad (MACO) of Thailand.

This marks the first time in Southeast Asia that a top-tier bank and publicly listed multinational media companies have invested in a digital assets platform.

Private Client Service

For institutional investors, Family Offices and top-tier clients, Zipmex offers 24/7 personal crypto consultants to assist with OTC deals, while seasonal trading experts will ensure clients get the best rates and the highest rewards around.

Learn more about the Private Client Service (PCS).

Do contact us if you are interested in getting referred to PCS and can commit to locking up US$50k worth of assets for 60 days.

Reasons to choose Zipmex

  • Best Prices: Large trade volumes provide beneficial buy prices
  • Low Trading Fees: Benefit from a low trading fee of 0.2% per transaction
  • Secure & Insured: Secured and insured up to US$100M by BitGo
  • Zipmex Trading App (Android/iOS): trade conveniently from your mobile
  • Zipmex Community: engage with the Zipmex crypto community on Telegram

ZMT - digital token native to Zipmex

Zipmex Token (ZMT) is a ERC-20 traded digital asset native to Zipmex. ZMT has multiple benefits and use cases such as higher rates on earnings accounts, discounts and more!

The token supply for ZMT is capped at 200 million.

Zipmex has written a blog article about why you should consider investing in ZMT.

Check out the latest price charts for ZMT here.

In April 2022, ZMT started trading on exchange.

At the price of US$3.00 (10 Apr 2022), you need to lock up US$750 worth of ZMT tokens to receive the referral benefit of 2.5 ZMT (US$7.50).

Please do your own due diligence to learn more about the potential of ZMT tokens before making an investment decision.

‘Trade’ Wallet vs ‘Z Wallet’

A Zipmex account has two wallets:

  • ‘Trade’ Wallet: for depositing cash and crypto for trading
  • ‘Z Wallet’: for earning interest (via ZipUp and ZipLock) and new coins (via Z-Launchpool)
You can only receive interest from assets in your ‘Z-Wallet’ and not ‘Trade’ Wallet.

The ‘Z Wallet’ comprises of ZipUp+, ZipLock and ZipLaunch balances.

What is ZipUp+?

ZipUp is a flexi-earnings accounts that pays interest daily and has no minimum deposit. Withdraw and deposit any amount, any time. Users have the flexibility to manoeuvre funds anytime.

What is ZipLock?

ZipLock is like a fixed deposit account which allows you to earn 12% interest p.a when you lock up ZMTs for 45 days.

After the lock up period elapses and your tokens are released, you have to initiate lock up again if you desired so. There is currently no setting to automatically lock again.

Personal experience sharing

Funding of account

Refer to this guide on how to deposit fiat into your Zipmex account.

SGD Fast Transactions

Zipmex has introduced ‘SGD Fast Transactions’ in May 2021 which is designed to speed up the process of depositing to and withdrawing SGD from your Zipmex account!

  • Deposits will take less than 5 minutes to be reflected in your wallet each time.
  • Withdrawals will take approximately 1 hour.

To setup SGD Fast Transactions:

  1. Log into your Zipmex account. Go to ‘Wallets’ > ‘Deposit’ > ‘SGD’.
  2. Enter your SG mobile no. to receive an SMS OTP.
  3. Enter the OTP no. and the bank account that you’ll be using to deposit.
  4. A message will pop up showing the Zipmex bank account to deposit to.
  5. Deposit SGD$1 to Zipmex through your bank using the same bank account.
  6. The first deposit will take 48 hours to be reflected in your account.
  7. You will receive a deposit confirmation after it has been approved.

Please note that all first deposits using this flow will take approximately 48 hours to be approved.

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