YY Circle Referral Promotion

A leading free job matching portal in Singapore,

Earn a $5 reward when you sign up with the referral code: ZGRTRT or referral link, and complete a job.

Key Features

  • Flexi jobs: Apply flexi jobs anytime, anywhere. Receive fast payment on the next working day.
  • Full time jobs: Apply for full time jobs to receive an arrangement for interview.
  • Food: Easy access to restaurant E-menu, and order your dishes/food in advance, with delivery service available.
  • Promotions: Receive discounted promo for food, entertainment and others.
  • Yummy Food: Locate all your favourite nearby eateries & get to their E-menu to make your online orders or reservations at your fingertips.
  • Newsfeed: Post your latest story, photo, and video and have hundreds of followers to follow your content.
  • Reward: Earn enough reward points to redeem Iphone, Ipad Samsung, and other attractive items.
  • YY Pay: Go cashless with YY Pay to enjoy an easy and free payment solution to our functions.
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