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Sign up bonus credits for new accounts expire in 3 days. So I suggest to sign up only when you are prepared to order something immediately.

Other YTM Rewards credits earned (Cashback, referral bonus) have a validity of 90 days from the date you earned them, unless stated otherwise in for that specific promotion.

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About You Tiao Man

“Our product may be very traditional, but the approach is not. We took a simple product that’s usually in the background, a product that nobody really understands or care much about – and brought it into the spotlight - Audrey Chew, Founder”

Founded in 2017, You Tiao Man is a Tasty Singapore ambassador and one of the largest wholesalers of You Tiao to hotels, caterers, restaurants, food-courts and hawkers in Singapore.

Watch You Tiao Man being featured on Channel News Asia:

If you are interested in the You Tiao Man origin story told by founder Audrey Chew, there is a 25 minute feature “Food Tales: Rising in adversity” available on MeWatch.

You Tiao Man Products

You Tiao

Youtiaoman products

Some innovative products include:

  • Charcoal You Tiao
  • Otah Charcoal You Tiao
  • Wholegrain You Tiao (awarded ‘Healthier Choice’ by Health Promotion Board)

Other Products

Despite the name, You Tiao Man offers other foodstuffs too. Options include:

  • Dim Sum: (chee cheong fun, golden fish roll, seafood shao mai, seafood gyoza, shrimp har kao…)
  • Hawker Classics: (hum chim peng, shrimp and chives crystal dumplings, yam ring…)
  • Soy Milk: (original, charcoal, collagen, red date)
  • Vegetarian: (curry samosa, spring roll…)

Products I have tried

  • Otah Charcoal You Tiao: Decent otah flavour
  • Sotong You Tiao: I cooked them using an air fryer, and I felt the texture became too dry. I believe it would be better to deep fry instead.
  • Prawn Chee Cheong Fun: This is pretty good. Generous amount of prawns inside too. Do note that it does not come with any sauces, so I used a mixture of soy and sesame sauce.
Youtiaoman prawn chee cheong fun, sauce not included
Prawn chee cheong fun, sauce not included


Enjoy next day deliveries and enjoy FREE shipping with orders of at least $40.

YTM Rewards

With their rewards program, you can now earn cashback on your purchases.

Cashback tiers:

  • Spend $45, get 5% cashback
  • Spend $65, get 8% cashback
  • Spend $85, get 12% cashback

The cashback tier is determined by the total AFTER applying any promo codes.

For example:

  1. My order cart total was $66.70.
  2. I then applied a 10% discount promo code to reduce it to $60.03.
  3. Finally, I used my sign-up bonus credits to reduce the final payable amount to $58.03.
  4. The cashback I received was thus in the 5% cashback tier and I received $3 (calculated by $60.03 x 5%) cashback in my account.
You Tiao Man cashback email received immediately after order was placed.
You Tiao Man cashback email received immediately after order was placed.
Thank you note received with my order and information about a monthly social media contest to win up to $50 YTM credits.
Thank you note received with my order, and information about a monthly social media contest to win up to $50 YTM credits.


Availability at Cathay Cineplexes

Crispy You Tiao drizzled with hazelnut sauce and nacho cheese are available at Cathay Cineplexes island-wide.

Availability at Cathay Cineplexes
menu options as of January 2023
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