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[Jun 2022] Not sure if Xindots is still operating. The app always shows ‘No Data’ when trying to order and Xindots’ Instagram account has been set to ‘Private’ mode.

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I recently came across XINDOTS when I visited the Amoy Street Food Centre. It sounded attractive to me that I can order the food before arriving especially at hawker centres during the lunch hour in the CBD.


Explore eats with our social feed, interact with the foodie community. Download app, beat the queues, share recommendations and sometimes dine on us!

XINDOTS aims to become a one-stop solution, which streamlines the service workflow and checkout payment experience for all F&B outlets in Singapore.

Reasons to use XINDOTS

Discover F&B outlets island-wide.

Get recommendations for high-quality dining places that deserve to be patronized. Read and provide reviews for outlets.

Deals and Savings

Enjoy special deals and save though cashbacks.


  • Go paperless: see the menu on your phone.
  • Go cashless
  • Go queue-less: order your food at the hawker stall without being present and get notified when it is your turn.

Redeem cash vouchers using points

As of 12 Jun 2021, the available redemption tiers for cash vouchers are:

  • 1000 points for $1
  • 1800 points for $2
  • 2700 points for $3
  • 3600 points for $4
  • 4500 points for $5

I had some expiring points so I redeemed a $5 voucher with 4,500 points.

The redeemed $5 cash voucher was only valid for 14 days from date of redemption.

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