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About Wise (Singapore)

Wise is the trading name of Wise Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, which is a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore with Unique Entity Number 201422384R.

Wise Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd is regulated as a Major Payment Institution by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) license: PS20200413

Wise is an established player in the industry and has been around since 2011.

Wise's journey from 2011

Why should I use Wise for remittance?

  • Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). I wouldn’t advise to use any service not regulated by MAS.
  • You can conveniently login with Google or Facebook accounts. Also has 2FA authorisation implemented to improve security.
  • Better rates than banks (most of the time).
  • Attractive and easy to use GUI that allows you to compare rates with competitors.
Compare rates
Comparing rates between DBS and Wise with Wise upfront about not being the cheapest

Transfer monies to China via AliPay

Send Chinese yuan the cheaper and faster way. Set up your transfer, send it to Alipay, and that’s it — your money should arrive instantly. Say bye bye to bank details and hello to Alipay ID.

Other than UnionPay, you can now send from 17 currencies to your recipient’s AliPay ID in China which goes directly into their linked bank account on their AliPay. AliPay has 800 million users in China so it is widely supported. Also, the monies will be reflected in the recipient’s linked bank account in seconds.

This should be a very convenient way to pay your goods suppliers in China.

Watch the video to learn more:

Borderless Account and Wise debit card

Wise also has a border-less account feature that allows you to hold money in multiple currencies. You can then apply for a Mastercard debit card to deduct from your account when you are overseas.

The Wise debit card proved useful when I made cryptocurrency purchases on Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange. Currently, Gemini only accepts debit cards and not credit cards and I was having issues verifying my Singapore bank issued debit cards. Thankfully, the debit card issued by Wise worked well.

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