Tuas Power Referral Code: RCD2UUJ (Referral Promotion)

Electricity savings for your homes are here to stay

Sign up with Tuas Power online using the referral code: RCD2UUJ and receive a $20 bill rebate.

How to enter the Tuas Power referral code
How to enter the Tuas Power referral code

About Tuas Power

Incorporated in March 1995, Tuas Power today is one of Singapore’s leading power generation companies and key provider of energy solutions, multi-utilities and environmental services.

Reasons to choose Tuas Power

  • Excellent customer service
    • based on survey conducted by the Energy Market Authority
    • rated 4.8 on SeedlyReviews
  • Bill is combined with SP Services
    • Tuas Power states on its website that it is the only generator+retailer that offers this convenience [as of Dec 2022]

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About Open Electricity Market (OEM)

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OEM, or Open Electricity Market, gives households and businesses in Singapore the freedom to purchase electricity from a retailer of their choice. This provides consumers with more options and increased flexibility in picking a price plan that best suits their electricity needs.

Notes on choosing electricity retailers in Singapore

Check out my notes for choosing an electricity retailer.

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