Suntec+ Referral Code: U5572603 (Refer To Earn Promotion)

Suntec+ is your gateway to exciting happenings, promotions and events at one of Singapore’s finest shopping destinations.

Sign up with Suntec+ using the referral code: U5572603 to receive 2,000 Suntec+ points when you make your first purchase!

Fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Upload a receipt of minimum spend $20 within 3 months from the day the Suntec+ account is registered. Receipt must be approved by Suntec+.
  • Spend a minimum of $20 on Suntec+ Eats within 3 months from the day the Suntec+ account is registered. Eats order must be completed.

Other Terms and Conditions apply.

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About Suntec+

Earn and accumulate rewards points as you shop, by uploading receipts from over 350 participating merchants at Suntec City.

As a Suntec+ member, you will be able to redeem shopping e-vouchers, bonus points, members’ only deals and birthday treats.

Suntec City merchant list:

Earning Suntec+ points

The most common way to earn points is to upload your shopping receipts.


  • Receipt minimum spend of $20
  • Uploaded within 48 hours of the time of purchase
Tip: Remember to retain your receipts after submission as you may be contacted to re-submit them in the event of submission errors or missing details.

How to redeem rewards?

You can redeem rewards by downloading the Suntec+ App:

  1. Login to the app
  2. Tap on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on ‘Rewards’
  4. Browse through available rewards and redeem!

What can I redeem with Suntec+ points?

You can redeem rewards for as little as 100 Suntec+ points.

Sample redemption options (valid on 23 Nov 2021):

  • 100 points: 15% OFF Roll/Pound Cake at Paris Baguette
  • 2000 points: $2 Carpark dollars
  • 5000 points: $5 e-wallet credits

What other features are there in the Suntec+ app?

Useful features in the Suntec+ app include:

  • Suntec+ Eats: takeaway food ordering feature on the Suntec+ app, which offers the convenience of ordering menu items from your favourite Suntec City restaurants virtually.
  • Refer to Earn: refer your friends to Suntec+ as well. Top 3 referrers each month will receive bonus 100,000 points.
  • Flash Sale
  • Rewards: to redeem your points
  • Carpark Dollars: to redeem carpark. You need to provide your car IU number.
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Directions and Store Directory
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Birthday Benefits

Visit the birthday benefits blog post to find out more.
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