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About Sunseap

Sunseap Group is the leading clean energy solutions provider in Singapore specialising in Solar PPA, offsite clean energy supply, EPC and O&M solar PV solutions, demand-side management, energy efficiency and more.

Solar Energy Electricity Plans

Solar Panel

Sunseap Energy is one of the few providers in Singapore that offer solar energy generated locally. Electricity plans on offer include:

  • SUNSEAP-ONE - comprises 1 percent solar energy
  • SUNSEAP-100 - comprises 100 percent solar energy

Personally I feel that SUNSEAP-ONE is more of a marketing exercise and strongly encourage everyone to choose a plan with a higher solar percentage to make a real difference.

After comparing the offerings from various providers, I signed up for SUNSEAP-100, which is the only plan in the market that is 100% solar energy ☀️.

Among Sunseap’s offerings, it was the plan with the least amount of discount but I still chose anyway because:

  • of the feel good factor of being eco-friendly 🌍.
  • I still save money 💰 monthly compared to the official tariff rates used by SP Services.

Positive Impact of Sunseap on Environment

Home-grown firm Sunseap has said that the solar power it generated in 2019 made a huge impact on the environment - equal to planting nearly a million tree seedlings over 10 years.

In 2019, a total of 1659 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) were retired for SUNSEAP-100 customers. One Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) represents 1 Megawatt-Hour (MWh) of electricity generated by renewable energy.

Open Electricity Market

OEM, or Open Electricity Market, gives households and businesses in Singapore the freedom to purchase electricity from a retailer of their choice. This provides consumers with more options and increased flexibility in picking a price plan that best suits their electricity needs.

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