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Leading automated laundry system in Singapore

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Steigen referral discount applied
Steigen referral discount applied [March 2024]
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About Steigen

As one of the leading automated laundry system in Singapore, Steigen offers beautifully engineered products and solutions that improves the lives of the consumers.

Steigen was founded in 2011 by a group of German engineers and in-house installation experts (40+ years experience in renovation and construction industry).

Till now, Steigen has been installed in more than 10,000 homes.

3-min user guide video:

Solar Evolution Series newly introduced in late 2022:

Where are the racks being manufactured?

Steigen is a German brand that is based in Singapore. The automated laundry drying systems are assembled in Singapore, with parts sourced globally.


  • Germany (core components)
    • German engineered motor
    • wire-reel system
    • wireless Bluetooth remote control
  • China
    • aluminium poles


The core product of Steigen is its laundry rack. Special product features include:

  • UV ray to kill germs and bacteria
    • first laundry rack in the industry to have this feature back in 2012
  • Simulate natural sun drying
    • speeds up indoor drying up to 4x faster with 50°C warm air currents
  • Smart home concept
    • pair with mobile app to control the laundry system anywhere anytime
  • Ioniser
    • for extra odour control and dust mite repeller for allergy
  • Zero Maintenance
    • high-quality steel-based reel systems that self-calibrate upon every use
  • Zero Consumables
    • fuss free system with nothing to change periodically. e.g. filters

Experience sharing

I purchased the basic tier system (only LED light + up and down function) back in 2019 and it is still working well now in 2023.

The key reason I bought it was to save my aging mother the hard work of lifting bamboo poles outside our HDB home in order to dry the laundry.

However, to this day, my mother still prefers to hang our laundry outside. She argues that the laundry would dry faster under the sun and in the wind. Thus, our Steigen rack is used mainly when it is rainy.

On hindsight, if I had chosen the premium models with features like the ionizer, and solar functionality, my mother would probably use it more.

Personally, I prefer drying the laundry indoors as birds might land on the bamboo poles outside and soil the clothes. There is also the issue of dripping water from the wet laundry of upper floors.

Go view the product first

The automated laundry system is not cheap, so I would recommend visiting the showroom at Paya Lebar to understand the product in detail and choose the one with features you need.

Complement to Home Improvement Programme (HIP) clothes drying rack

My home had it’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP) renovations completed in December 2022, and the new clothes drying rack has very limited capacity. The Steigen automated laundry rack is a good complement to the HDB provided one.

HIP retractable rack has very limited capacity
HIP retractable rack has very limited capacity

Leave ample clearance

The installer should remind you but just in case he doesn’t, remember to leave ample walking space all around the laundry rack when it is lowered so it is easy to manoeuvre around and hang your laundry.

Due to space constraint, one side of my rack has only 30cm clearance from the wall and it is inconvenient to hang wet laundry on that side when the rack is lowered. I think a 50cm clearance would be much better.

Try to have more clearance from the wall when installing
Try to have more clearance from the wall when installing


Free Site Measurement

Steigen offers a free and non-obligatory site assessment to recommend a suitable model and placement for your home.

Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment options

Steigen now supports Buy-Now-Pay-Later options like:

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