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Skip the ATM queue and withdraw cash from shops. Socash turns shops, cafes, and grocery stores into digital ATMs.

Socash was acquired by Nium in 2022 and is no longer available.


Skip the ATM queue and withdraw cash at shops for free. On top of rewards, cashback and promo codes, you can also enjoy get deals from brands like Grab, FairPrice, Agoda, and more.

Watch: A short clip explaining the concept

Scroll down if you prefer an infographic to explain how to use SOCASH:

How to use SOCASH

SOCASH is quite widely supported at 7-Eleven stores (a.k.a open 24 hours) but usually require you to make a purchase as well to enjoy the service. The app also shows how far you are from the SOCASH partners.

You can also use SOCASH to withdraw cash from Sheng Siong $TM machines.

Sheng Siong $TM machine
Sheng Siong $TM machine
$TM machine menu
$TM machine menu

I usually use SOCASH when I go out for exercise with only my phone and need to buy dinner after that.

Tip: If you have trouble scanning the barcode on your mobile at the $TM machine:

  1. maximize the display brightness of your mobile
  2. try placing the barcode directly in front of scan window, then pull away for about 2 inches slowly and hold it there. I suspect the scanner needs a fraction of a second to focus.
  3. It is also ok scan the barcode with the mobile rotated 90 degrees.
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