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  4. Add withdrawal details to your ShopBack account.
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About ShopBack

Save more when you use ShopBack for your online and in-store shopping.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, ShopBack currently serves more than 35 million shoppers across 10 markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

It offers a cashback reward program named ShopBack GO that allows online shoppers to receive a small percentage of their purchases on the platform, paid for through affiliate programs by the merchant. The platform also provides coupons, voucher codes, and comparison features.

Acquisition of hoolah

In November 2021, ShopBack announced the acquisition of hoolah, a pioneer in the ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) space in Southeast Asia.

Investor Backing

  • ShopBack Extends Series F With US$30 Million From Westpac [Dec 2022]
    • Westpac is an Australian multinational banking and financial services company.
    • ShopBack Group has operated in Australia since 2018, with more than two million Australians registered to get cashback for shopping online.
  • ShopBack raised US$80 million of new capital in a funding round led by Asia Partners. [Jul 2022]
    • Series F round brings the total capital raised by Singapore-based ShopBack to more than US$230 million.
  • Extended US$75M funding round led by Temasek [May 2022]
    • with participation from existing investors including Rakuten, EDBI, EV Growth, Cornerstone Ventures, and 33 Capital.


ShopBack GO

How does it work?

How does Shopback GO work?

I like ShopBack’s implementation of the cashback programme. Basically all I have to do is link a credit card to my ShopBack account and spend at the shop. Transactions can happen at physical shops unlike most cashback programmes which target online purchases only.

Watch a video on how ShopBack GO works:

How do I actually receive the cashback? Does it go to my credit card statement?

I initially thought that any cashback would be automatically reflected in my credit card statement but you actually need to withdraw it to a bank account or e-wallet (DBS Paylah!, Paypal).

You need to first link your DBS Paylah! e-wallet to ShopBack before you can use it for payments or to withdraw cashback.

I personally prefer withdrawing to my DBS Paylah! e-wallet to avoid storing my banking account information on ShopBack.

Read more about earning cashback using DBS Paylah! here.

An alternative is to spend your cashback via ShopBack Pay (discussed in a later section).

ShopBack Button

ShopBack also has another really useful feature called ‘ShopBack Button’. It is an add-on to Chrome or Firefox browsers and helps to automatically apply cashback or coupon codes on partner websites.

For example, I recently purchased an office chair from HipVan and the ShopBack Button helped to try out multiple promotion codes at the checkout page.

ShopBack Pay

ShopBack Pay is a payment feature on the ShopBack app. With ShopBack Pay, users can choose to pay for in-store purchases using payment methods such as GrabPay, Visa and Mastercard. It works by linking your card to the platform and so there is no need to top up any account balance beforehand.

Paying through ShopBack Pay also means that users are able to stack up rewards and earn ShopBack Cashback on top of the usual reward points from their credit and debit cards.

ShopBack Pay also allows users to spend the ShopBack Cashback accumulated in their accounts.

ShopBack PayLater powered by hoolah [discontinued]

ShopBack PayLater was discontinued from Friday, 22 March 2024.

Launched in July 2022, ShopBack PayLater was a Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) service that allowed users to pay a third of the bill at the point of purchase, and the remaining two installments in the subsequent 2 months.

ShopBack Vouchers

Earn Cashback When You Purchase Vouchers & Store Credits

With ShopBack vouchers, you can receive and use the vouchers immediately upon purchase. What’s more, you can receive instant cashback from the voucher purchase transaction itself.

Usage Tips


ShopBack is not just about cashback on purchases. There are always great deals to be found on categories such as electronics, services and F&B.

Join challenges

Login to the ShopBack app often and check out the ‘Earn More’ tab to find challenges to join that can help maximise your savings.

Use the Watchlist

Add your favourite brands to the Watchlist to avoid missing out on up-sized cashback promotions.

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