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What is Shopback?

How does Shopback GO work?

ShopBack is a cashback reward program available across Asia-Pacific with over 5 million members on its platform. It allows online shoppers to take a portion of their cash back when they make a purchase through the platform. - Wikipedia

I like Shopback’s implementation of the cashback programme. Basically all I have to do is link a credit card to my Shopback account and spend at the shop. Transactions can happen at physical shops unlike most cashback programmes which target online purchases only.

Watch a video on how Shopback Go works:

How do I actually receive the cashback? Does it go to my credit card statement?

I initially thought that any cashback would be automatically reflected in my credit card statement but you actually need to withdraw it to a bank account or e-wallet (Paypal).

Shopback Button

Shopback also has another really useful feature called ‘Shopback Button’. It is an add-on to Chrome or Firefox browsers and helps to automatically apply cashback or coupon codes on partner websites.

For example, I recently purchased an office chair from HipVan and the Shopback Button helped to try out multiple promotion codes at the checkout page.

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