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Shareable Asset aims to be the leading asset tokenization platform for real estate

Invest online in real estate anywhere, anytime with Shareable Asset.

What is Shareable Asset?

Shareable Asset is one of the first licensed tokenization platforms allowed to issue asset-backed security token in a regulated environment which is both legally and economically acceptable.

Performance report 2020

Check out their performance report in 2020 with this infographic.

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Licensed

Shareable Asset is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a capital markets services licensee (CMS100942) for dealing in capital markets products.

My personal experience using Shareable Asset

Depositing monies

As the property investment I was interested in was in pounds (GBP), the first approach I thought of was to convert SGD to GBP via my TransferWise account and deposit it into my Shareable Asset account.

I wanted to do this as TransferWise boasts good conversion rates, but I couldn’t quite figure out the transfer details to key in.

I approached Shareable Asset’s customer service and was advised to deposit SGD into Shareable Asset’s DBS account instead. The monies would then be converted to GBP at DBS’s exchange rate.

So on a weekday:

  • [1:30pm] I deposited $1000 into Shareable Asset’s DBS account
  • [2:35pm] I was contacted via WhatsApp that the monies was received and to confirm my instruction to convert to GBP
  • [3:55pm] I received an email that the monies have been successfully converted to GBP

$1000 SGD was converted into 547.92 GBP.

I did not pay attention to the conversion rate in the afternoon so my analysis might not be accurate, but based on the exchange rate (1.8235) at night, the currency exchange lost I incurred was about $1 SGD or 0.1%.

Investing in a project

The project I wanted to invest in had a minimum investment amount of 300 GBP. So I ended up with an odd amount of 247.92 GBP (547.92 GBP - 300 GBP) in my Shareable Asset wallet.

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