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About Senoko Energy

As a leading homegrown retailer, Senoko Energy has been delivering safe, innovative and efficient energy to homes and businesses since 1977.

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Reasons to choose Senoko Energy

Get the most out of your energy supply. Live smart & save smart when you choose to power your home with Senoko Energy.

  • No Hidden Fees: No security deposit, no hidden fees. You only pay based on the rate you signed up for
  • Sign up or Renew Early: New and current Senoko Energy customers can sign up or renew 4 months before their contract ends to lock in low rates
  • Lifestyle Discounts & More: Enjoy discounts from partners, lucky draws and giveaways with the Smart Rewards programme
  • Applicable with U-Save Rebate: Offset electricity bills with your remainder U-Save GST Vouchers (Credits will be first used to offset your gas and water bills with SP Services)
  • Eco-friendly: eco-friendly plans like 100% Certified Solar (LifeGreen24) is available.
When I was switching providers, the key attribute I was looking for was the availability of clean energy. 100% Certified Solar (LifeGreen24) is only marginally more expensive, but one can play a part to be more eco-friendly by subscribing to it.

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Senoko Energy’s LifeGreen24, a 100% carbon-neutral electricity plan

Under Senoko Energy’s LifeGreen24 plan, based on your actual electricity consumption, Senoko Energy will retire the same volume of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) under Senoko’s Take Charge Programme.

What are RECs?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are tradable green energy attributes that represent electricity generated from renewable energy generation facilities.

1 REC represents one megawatt hour (1,000kWh) of energy generated from a clean, renewable source, such as wind, solar, hydro, or certain types of renewable biomass. Since these renewable energy resources induce no carbon as they produce energy, they can indirectly offset the carbon emission produced by the electricity consumed in your household.

These RECs are validated and issued through accredited RECs platform which are recognised by international registries.

This is the plan my family is currently subscribed to. Periodically, there will be an update from Senoko Energy on how much Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) were retired as a result of my family’s energy consumption.

Senoko Energy's LifeGreen24 retired RECs

About Open Electricity Market (OEM)

Light Bulb

OEM, or Open Electricity Market, gives households and businesses in Singapore the freedom to purchase electricity from a retailer of their choice. This provides consumers with more options and increased flexibility in picking a price plan that best suits their electricity needs.

Notes on choosing electricity retailers in Singapore

Check out my notes for choosing an electricity retailer.

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