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Get more from your money

Promotion period: till 26th October 2021 at 11:59 PM GMT

Do act fast as the offer expires soon.

Hey managing your money would be so much easier if you had Revolut. Sign up with the referral link.

Get 20 SGD in your Revolut account when you fulfill ALL the following conditions BEFORE the promotion end date listed above:

  1. Sign up for Revolut account using the referral link.
  2. Verify your identity and pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
  3. Add money by bank transfer or debit card.
  4. Order a physical Revolut card (delivery fees may apply).
  5. Complete three purchase transactions of at least $10 each. You can use the virtual card while waiting for the delivery of the physical card.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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Exchange money with no hidden fees. Exchange, send and receive 28+ currencies in seconds. Manage your money with spending analytics. Send money locally and internationally. Peer-to-Peer instant transfers. Withdraw from globally surcharge-free ATMs.

Join more than 15 million Revolut customers worldwide.

What is Revolut?

Revolut Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“RTSPL”) is registered in Singapore with Unique Entity Number 201721013G.

RTSPL’s registered address is 30 Cecil Street, #19-08, Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712.

RTSPL is regulated as a Major Payment Institution (licence no. PS20200326) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) to conduct:

  • Account Issuance Service,
  • Domestic Money Transfer Service,
  • Cross-border Money Transfer Service and
  • E-money Issuance Service.

RTSPL provides insurance-related products as a registered Corporate Agent with the Agents’ Registration Board (C005604-000). The travel insurance policy is underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. with assistance services provided by AWP Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Features of Revolut

Opening an account with takes just minutes, and you can set one up directly from your phone.

Manage your money

See exactly where your money is going each month, and set up monthly budgets for things like restaurants and groceries.

Send money all over the world instantly, without hidden fees

  • Send, request money, or split bills with friends and family instantly, whether they’re across the table or across the globe
  • Transfer money abroad in 28+ currencies at the interbank exchange rate, with a small 0.5% fee for anything above S$5,000 each month. A flat mark-up on weekends and on certain currencies may apply.

Strong, customisable security at your fingertips

  • Funds are held in separate accounts with global banking partners. This means that in the unlikely event that Revolut goes out of business, your funds are protected
  • Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Card payments are protected from fraud, loss and theft under the scheme rules for Visa or MasterCard
  • Anti-fraud system uses machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious transactions. If detected, Revolut will freeze your card to protect your money.
  • Stay in control of your card security
    • Lost your card? Freeze and unfreeze your card easily in the app
    • Enable location-based security to reduce fraudulent transactions
    • Disable contactless, online or swipe payments
    • Choose a monthly card spending limit for extra peace of mind
    • Use one time use disposable virtual cards to enhance security online.

Watch this couple share about their Revolut experience:

Manage your money better with spending analytics

  • Set budgets, get instant spending notifications, and see weekly insights to keep your spending on track
  • Connect your other bank accounts to Revolut with Open Banking and manage all your finances in one place

Reach your financial goals faster with Personal Vaults

Round payments and save your spare change, or make a one-off or recurring transfer.

Get daily discounts and cashback

  • Earn rewards you’ll actually use on travel, retail, restaurants and more
  • Unlock new offers when you use your Revolut cards

Current promotion till 30 June 2021:

Top up Revolut wallet using bank transfer with a min S$100 in the month of May and/or June, then use your Revolut card for your bus and MRT rides to get 20% cashback on all your rides.

Revolut Plans available

Revolut offers three tiers of plans:

  • Standard (FREE)
  • Premium ($9.99/mth)
  • Metal ($19.99/mth)

You can view the feature comparison here.

The Standard FREE plan is sufficient to enjoy the referral promotion.

My Revolut Experience

Signing up (May 2021)

After clicking on the referral link, you need to enter your mobile number.

An SMS will then be sent to your mobile. Click on it to go to the Revolut app download page and proceed to download.

After that, launch the app and choose to register a new account. You need to enter your mobile number again here.

Next, provide your personal particulars to complete the sign up process.

Caution: The date of birth field is in MM/DD/YYYY format which is different from what we are used to in Singapore.

Verification of identity (Know Your Customer (KYC) checks)

When the sign up is completed, you need to verify your identity. I used the “SingPass MyInfo” verification option. You will also need to take a selfie to complete the verification.

'SingPass MyInfo' will retrieve your personal particulars and provide them to Revolut. Information retrieved include name and address and birth date etc..

I noticed these were filled up by me manually during the sign up process. It would be great if Revolut can improve the process to use 'Singpass MyInfo' to sign up right from the start.

Fulfilling the referral conditions

After the verification of your identity is completed, you may proceed to fulfill the conditions for the referral promotion.

Deposit funds into your Revolut account

You first need to deposit funds into your Revolut account.

Under the 'Accounts' tab, choose '+ Add money’.

You can choose to add via:

  • Regular bank transfer
  • Google Pay
  • Debit or credit card

I suggest using Google Pay or Debit/Credit card as it is immediate and less hassle to execute.

Order your physical Revolut card

You can order your physical card under the 'Cards' tab in the app. If you plan to go with the Standard FREE Revolut plan, you are restricted to choosing the first card design (blue-pink). You can opt for standard delivery option which will be free and delivery is estimated to take two weeks.

Requesting a virtual card

Rather than wait two weeks for the virtual card to arrive before making the required three transactions, you can actually make use of virtual cards.

Go to 'Cards' tab, select '+ Add card', and add a 'Virtual debit card'.

You can then use this virtual debit card to fulfill the three transactions condition for the referral promotion.

You can top-up e-wallets (i.e. GrabPay and Singtel Dash) using the virtual debit card after you have funded your Revolut wallet.

Note that you have to use the 'Virtual Debit Card' and not a 'Disposable Virtual' card.

When I signed up, such top-ups were considered valid transactions to fulfill the referral terms. Hopefully it still works for you.

Receiving the referral benefits

After fulfilling the conditions, it can take 1-2 days before the referral benefits are credited into the Revolut account.

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