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About PowerPac

PowerPac is a well-known brand in Singapore that specializes in home appliances, consumer electronics, and lighting products. They offer a wide range of items such as kitchen appliances (like rice cookers, air fryers, and electric kettles), cooling appliances (fans and air coolers), cleaning tools (vacuum cleaners and steam mops), personal care products (hair dryers and grooming kits), and various types of lighting solutions (LED lights and lamps).

The company is recognized for providing affordable yet reliable products that cater to the everyday needs of households in Singapore. They often emphasize functionality and practicality in their designs, making their appliances popular choices among budget-conscious consumers.

PowerPac products are widely available in major retail outlets across Singapore, as well as through online platforms, making them easily accessible to customers seeking affordable home solutions.


PowerPac was recognized by the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA) under the “ESTABLISHED BRANDS” brands category in 2020/21.


As of June 2024, shipping is free for purchases above $30.

Experience sharing

used Atome for additional discount

When I made my first purchase in June 2024, I paid using the Buy-Now-Pay-Later service by Atome. There was a 20% discount voucher in Atome that helped lower my purchase price.

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portable clip fan recommendation

PowerPac portable clip fan

My first purchase was this PowerPac portable clip fan. It is highly rated by my mum for its:

  • quietness
  • ease to clean because there is no external cover
  • decent wind strength
  • versatility in placement location

We clip it onto a kitchen cabinet door near our washing machine; and it helps provide cooling relief whenever my mum airs the laundry.

Birthday Benefits

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