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About Pickupp

We’re not your ordinary e-commerce platform. Here at Shop On Pickupp, expect the best deals and a wonderful delivery experience for every purchase you make.

From my understanding, Pickupp is a logistics company started in 2016, that is now branching into providing groupbuy services as well.

Getting updates

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Experience sharing

Products available

Products and partners vary often and the list below might not be accurate.


  • partners:
    • renowned brands
    • famous hawkers
    • franchise chains
    • popular boutique and home-based businesses
  • product types:
    • alcohol
    • food
      • bakes are the most common. e.g. biscuits, breads, cakes, cookies, donuts, pastries, pies
      • desserts
      • instant noodles
      • local kuehs and snacks
    • lifestyle
      • essential oils
      • handicrafts
  • source of products offered:
    • international locations like HK, Malaysia, Taiwan
    • locally produced in Singapore 🇸🇬

Also keep a lookout for frequent events like flash sales or FREE shipping.

Pickupp sales poster
example of a flash sale


  • The delivery window period is too wide. E.g. between 1pm to 5pm; between 4pm to 8pm
  • I have experienced my orders being rescheduled on multiple occasions. Pickupp will just send an SMS to inform you and there is no notification from the mobile app.
  • I had an order delivered 1 week early without informing me.
  • The available delivery dates can be very far off. For example, placing an order on 1st May and the nearest available delivery date is 29 May. Nobody will be keen to wait 4 weeks for a box of donuts so I hope Pickupp can improve on this aspect soon.

Products I liked

Some merchants who I tried and liked and would buy again from:

  • AJ Delights
    • Halal muffins
    • not-so-sweet and moist. Green tea muffin was impressive.
  • awildflowerybakery
    • black sesame cookies (sugar-free): melts in the mouth
  • Munchi Delights
    • min jiang kueh (pancakes)
    • biscoff filling is not bad
  • NOCE Nuts
    • DIY granola: I selected macadamia, pecans, chia seeds, black sesame, walnuts
  • Wu Pao Chun bakery
    • rather pricey though
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