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Drink Fresh!

Get rewarded with 2 Nuts when you sign up with my referral code: 421O51NQ.

  • To set expectations right, Mr. Coconut refers to points of its loyalty system as “Nuts”, so please do not expect to receive two free coconuts.
  • Regardless of when you earned your “Nuts” points, the balance resets to zero on your join date anniversary.
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About Mr. Coconut

Homegrown in Singapore since 2016, Mr. Coconut originated from Malacca with Thailand descent.

In Singapore, it is the market leader in terms of the number of stores islandwide and taste-wise, it is one of my preferred brands.

What can I do with Nuts?

Nuts can be used to redeem products and order upgrades. For example:

  • 10 nuts = free upgrade from medium to large of any product
  • 20 nuts = 1 pudding
  • 50 nuts = Free Ice-Cream in Husk with 3 Toppings of your choice
  • 60 nuts = Free Coconut Yogurt
  • 80 nuts = Free Medium Drink of your choice

The referral benefit isn’t generous but you get benefits on your birthday so no harm signing up if you enjoy their products.

Image source: Mr. Coconut welcome email

Personal Experience

No rewards redemption at Changi Jewel branch

The Changi Jewel branch does not support redemption of rewards.

Problem redeeming reward on self ordering kiosk

Mr Coconut has started launching self ordering kiosks. If you wish to redeem any rewards, remember to login to the Mr Coconut website to redeem the reward prior to starting the ordering process on the kiosk.

I didn’t follow this sequence and only redeemed my rewards while navigating the ordering menu. As a result, the kiosk couldn’t find my redemption voucher; and I was advised by the staff that I needed to exit and restart the ordering process.

Warning about points expiry on every 31st MArch


All points earned will expire on 31st March of every year.

Remember to redeem whatever you can by this deadline. I set a yearly alarm on my mobile to remind me of this.

Birthday Benefits

Visit the birthday benefits blog post to find out more.
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