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Instead of winding down completely as announced previously in August 2023, MoneyOwl has updated in November 2023 that it is to be acquired by Temasek Trust. Full details available at this microsite.

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About MoneyOwl

MoneyOwl is a financial adviser and fund management company licensed by the MAS. It is a joint venture between NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Ltd and Providend Holding Pte Ltd.

We are Singapore’s 1st Bionic Financial Adviser! To be Bionic means to have the best of both worlds – humans and technology.

Technology integrates complex financial models into your financial plan with ease and precision.

But we understand that money is very personal and involves emotions, aspirations and life decisions.

That’s why both our dedicated client advisers and our technology platforms come together to journey with you in every stage of your life.

To learn more, you can subscribe to MoneyOwl’s YouTube channel which has useful content related to personal finance like insurance, investments and more…


  • FPAS Centre of Excellence for CFP® Certification - Star Award 2022
    • awarded by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS)
    • MoneyOwl is one of the first two organisations to receive the inaugural Centre of Excellence Star Award which recognises strong advocates of CFP® Certification training

Products and services available from MoneyOwl

Comprehensive Financial Planning

It starts with a plan. Achieve your life goals, no matter what happens along the way, through Comprehensive Financial Planning.

Comprehensive Financial Planning is a paid service that provides a two-hour consultation with an adviser, and a 16-page detailed and actionable financial report will help set you on the path to a better financial future.


Reasons to purchase insurance from MoneyOwl"

  • Find The Best Insurance: Gain access to more than 500,000 insurance quotes instantly by using MoneyOwl’s insurance comparison tool.
  • Get 50% first-year Commissions Rebate: MoneyOwl will rebate 50% of the first-year basic commissions directly to your bank account
  • Get Conflict-free Advice: MoneyOwl’s Client Advisers are fully-salaried and do not take commissions so you can trust the advice they give.
  • Receive Claims Support: A dedicated Client Adviser and a team of Client Service Managers will assist in times of need.


There are a variety of way to invest via the MoneyOwl platform.

From April 2022, clients can also invest their CPF OA monies in specially curated portfolios created by MoneyOwl in partnership with Lion Global Investors and UOB Asset Management; with no sales charge, platform fee or adviser trailer fees.


Write a will at no cost at all. Don’t leave behind a financial mess for your loved ones.

Notes and Personal Experience Sharing

Deciding between Term or Whole Life Insurance?

MoneyOwl is an advocate for Term Insurance. Check out the short video below to find out why:

Singpass login and MyInfo not supported on MoneyOwl website when using FireFox browser

MoneyOwl allows clients to use Singpass to login and MyInfo to retrieve personal information when setting up some of their services (e.g investment portfolio).

I noticed the Singpass functionality does not work on the FireFox browser. It worked for me on Google Chrome.

Will writing

MoneyOwl is currently running a limited period offer and you can get a will written online for FREE (usual price $160.50). I used the service and prepared my will within 15 mins.

The will writing service is an automated one, and only caters to the more common scenarios and/or choices for most people.

Limited time offer for FREE will-writing
[10/6/2021]: Limited time offer for FREE will-writing
Why did I want to write a will?
I used to think a will only made sense if I was old and rich with lots of assets. However, I recently came to know that my “MINDEF Group Insurance” does not allow for any nominations and a will would make claims go smoothly for my insurance beneficiaries.

The will prepared from the MoneyOwl platform is no frills with minimal customisations supported, but sufficient for an average person like myself.

After the will is drafted, you need to download it from the MoneyOwl platform and get signed along with two trusted witnesses.

The online tool does support edits but of course, you will have to print out the newer version and get it signed again.

Tip: after creating your will

  • Your will should be accessible by your executors when the need arises. So you may also consider leaving a set of instructions or a note for your executor and family.
  • Consider photocopying two sets of the signed will and safeguard them at different physical locations.
  • It is a good idea to sign the original copy in blue ink to tell the original apart from the copies.
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