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Milksha closed its last Singapore outlet on 31 Dec 2023.

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About Milksha

Milksha Singapore originated from Milkshop (迷客夏), in Taiwan.

Using on fresh milk and no artificial creamers in all beverages, Milkshop started off its first store in Tainan in 2004. Over the years, with the increasing awareness on health and food safety in Taiwan, the brand has grown steadily and has expanded internationally in 2018.

Currently, Milksha has over 230 stores across Taiwan and has spread out to various countries around the world.


Apart from Bubble tea, you can also purchase ice cream, and Taiwanese snacks like rice and nougat crackers on the Milksha app.

In December 2022, Milksha also started offering bento sets at selected outlets. The available choices are:

  • Crispy Salted Chicken Bento
  • Honey Chicken Chop Bento

Ensuring premium product quality

Honey Pearls

  • air-flown directly from Taiwan and cooked fresh daily in stores.
  • do not contain any preservatives (pearls are kept at -18 degree celsius and has a shelf life of only 6 months)
  • do not contain food colourings. Pearls are naturally white in colour (colour of natural tapioca flour) instead of black after they are cooked.
  • each batch of honey pearls takes an arduous 2-hour long cooking process
  • naturally sweetened with honey instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • pearls are only put up for sale for 2 hours, and any leftovers thereafter are thrown away to ensure consistent and optimum quality.

Tea Leaves

  • handpicked premium tea leaves from various regions around the world
  • hand-brewed in stores daily and taste-tested regularly for quality control.

Fresh Milk

Milksha only uses 100% Fresh Milk in all their beverages. No creamers.

Milksha states that they do not use any creamers, which are concoctions of oil, sugars and thickeners. Creamers also include hydrogenated oils, which is a type of unhealthy trans fat to consume and can cause high cholesterol as well as health problems.

Experience sharing

Hard to read the user interface on the home screen of the Milksha app

The Milksha app’s homescreen uses dark green icons and words on colourful images which makes it hard to read.

Milksha screen hard to read

Birthday Benefits

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