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What is Makan Guru?

Makan Guru is a Social Enterprise, who seeks to rethink the F&B industry with food delivery and food ordering solutions. Their key focus is to support and redefine local hawkers & F&Bs experiences through Functionality, Affordability, and Sustainability.

My impressions

User Interface

  • I feel that the interface is easy to understand and navigate.
  • When selecting noodles, there are detailed options to specify the type of noodle and sauce.
  • Menu items typically have an accompanying photo which is a plus.


Plus points:

  • The price markup for the food items is lesser compared to the competition.
  • I did not notice any takeaway charges being imposed on the food items.

Minus points:

  • There is a flat delivery charge of $5.35, which is waived for larger orders, typically $80 or more.
    • The delivery charge is pretty steep compared to the competition.
    • However, if you are ordering many items from the same hawker centre, it might actually be cheaper than WhyQ which charges $1.50 per order item.
  • There is also a small order charge of $3.21.
    • Small order definition varies from the various options but for hawker centres, the amount seems to be $30. It is not easy to avoid this small order charge if you are just ordering for 2-3 persons. The total fees on top of the food prices will work out to be $8.56 ($5.35 + $3.21) which is pretty prohibitive.

Hopefully Makan Guru will be able to reduce the fees in the future as the business grows.

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