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Information on the referral benefits is still being displayed within the Livingmenu app, even though terms and conditions state that the promotion ends on 15 Mar 2022.

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Rediscover the flavour you cherish from top-rated hawkers island-wide. No min order & no markup. Doorstep delivery as low as $0.

Enter the referral code 6WXJ5A at account creation to get an instant $3 credit for your first livingmenu purchase.

Terms and conditions apply.

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About livingmenu

We get you the best from different parts of Singapore daily

Livingmenu is a Singapore based food tech innovator with the vision to create a world where people can eat well affordably, conveniently and make a positive social impact all together.

Availability of service

Livingmenu’s service is currently available to selected communities (postal codes) only.

If your area is not yet supported, you can submit your request in app and receive a notification when their service becomes available in your area.

Livingmenu started with lunch delivery only but have recently added delivery slots for tea breaks and dinner :)

Reasons to order with livingmenu

Better options

Livingmenu works with the top-rated hawkers and independent eateries island-wide in Singapore. So you’ll not be limited to the same commercialized options nearby.

Their menu options are also constantly evolving based on customers’ feedback to ensure you get the best from different parts of Singapore daily, and in the most affordable way.

Better prices

No markup. Prices are same as vendor’s in-store price for takeaways.

No minimum order required. Lowest delivery fee in the market.

Better service

Tired of unreliable food delivery operators who don’t really care? Your meals are on livingmenu if the delivery is more than 30 minutes late. (except in an event of unsafe weather)

How the livingmenu system works

Accurate as of 2/10/2021:

  • From the app (you can browse as guest also), you can view the menu options available for the week ahead. Do note that the stalls and menu options available differ everyday.
  • You can order for the week ahead. For example: on 2/10/2021, you can order ahead for delivery up to 8/10/2021.
  • There is a cut-off timing for you to cancel your order should you change your mind. Usually it is the night before the chosen delivery date.
  • Delivery charges are based on the previous weeks’ usage level of the app. If more people in your area used the app, then the delivery charges will be lower or even free.
    [2/10/2021]: Tiers of delivery fees for my area based on previous week's area usage level
    [2/10/2021]: Tiers of delivery fees for my area based on previous week’s area usage level
  • There are membership tiers based on your spending on you can get delivery fee discounts up to 50%.
  • Payment: For my first order, I made my payment via GooglePay.

My personal experience

Livingmenu’s concept is interesting because it allows me to enjoy food from all over the island without exorbitant delivery charges. It feels like a groupbuy for hawker food.


The app is pretty easy to understand and navigate and you can only create an account when you are ordering for the first time.


Credit cards are accepted and I used GooglePay. There was a payment processing fee of $0.50.

Tip: to save on the payment processing fee, you can order from multiple vendors on multiple days in a single checkout.


To operate efficiently I guess, there is only one option from each stall and no options to customise orders.

Remember to provide good directions (e.g. which lift lobby, direction to turn after exiting lift) when saving your address to help the delivery staff reach you faster.


First order

I made my first order on 29/9/2021 for delivery on 30/9/2021. The delivery timing is between 12pm to 1pm and the food arrived at around 12:50pm. It was on time but I would have preferred if livingmenu can deliver earlier as my family was really hungry by that time.

The app constantly shows an update of the estimated delivery time based on the location of the delivery staff.

Delivery was contactless. The staff placed the order at my door and pressed the doorbell. The app also showed that the delivery was completed.

My order was delivered in a paper bag and without cutlery as part of livingmenu’s effort to Go Green!

Second order

My second order was on 20/10/2021. The food (Penang laksa, mee pok, avocado) arrived early this time around 11:15am which was great.

Food quality

The first time we ordered, the food we received were pretty good but were already cold. We had to reheat them up in the microwave before consumption.

The second time round, the food (Penang laksa, mee pok) were still warm despite the delivery being from Golden Mile Food Centre to the north end of Singapore. Taste wise they were all good and I will repurchase in future.

Customer service

Livingmenu was responsive and fast to my feedback via WhatsApp.

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