iTea Invite Code: 3K47 (Referral Promotion)

With iTea, everyone can enjoy premium drinks Everyday!

[Update March 2022]:

Please click on the invite link from a mobile device to link to the app store to download. It does not work for a desktop/laptop.

iTea has removed the referral promotion banner from their app and I am not sure if the referral offer is still valid.

You could still try to use my invitation code: 3K47 and see if it does anything for you. Thanks.

New users receive $2. However, if you sign up with my invitation code: 3K47 using my invite link, you can receive an extra $1.
iTea referral benefits

About iTea

iTea is a premium drinks outlet established in Singapore since 2011.

There are numerous outlets around the island. You can check them out here.

Why use the iTea app?

  • App only promotions:
    iTea mobile app promotion
    Example of a mobile app promotion
  • Avoid queues: You can pre-order your drinks and reduce waiting time.
  • Cashback: There is a cashback with app orders so you are effectively getting a discount.
  • Coupons:
    • $2 coupon for your birthday.
Visit the birthday benefits blog post to find out more.
  • $5/$10/$15 coupon when you achieve Silver/Gold/Diamond membership status.
    iTea coupons
    iTea coupons
  • Points: You can top-up the iTea e-wallet with GrabPay which has two benefits:
    1. You get additional credits. E.g. Top up $10 and get $10.50 of credits
    2. You get to accumulate Grab Rewards points when you top up with GrabPay.
  • Electronic stamp card: Get a chop for each purchase and earn rewards like free upsize and free drink.
    iTea electronic stamp card
    iTea in-app electronic stamp card
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