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About IRÉN Skin

IRÉN Skin was founded as a modern re-envisioning of J-beauty, where we took traditional Japanese skincare rituals and integrated them with scientific solutions to create custom skincare, especially for you.

How do you pronounce IRÉN?


Where is IRÉN from and where are the products made?

All IRÉN products are made in Japan.


Enhanced penetration and absorption

Patented technology compacts each active ingredient into nanometric (particles that are even smaller than our pores!) molecules for enhanced absorption by the epidermis.

Prolonged sustained release

The encapsulation works in tandem with the prolonged-release effect, which preserves the ingredients’ freshness until they are released at deeper skin layers.

Ultimately, these two functions work together to discharge active ingredients 2x times faster and deeper into your skin.

Scientifically Clean products

IRÉN Skin’s 7 “Big No-Nos” ingredients:

  • sulfates (SLS / SLES),
  • parabens,
  • triclosans,
  • phthalates,
  • formaldehydes / formaldehyde releasers,
  • drying alcohols,
  • perfumes (there no fragrance / smell in IRÉN Skin products)

Other than these 7 ingredients, a further 2000 other toxic, allergenic and comedogenic ingredients are banned from IRÉN Skin’s products.

Sustainability Practices

How IRÉN Skin plays their part in practicing sustainability:

  1. Limited the use of plastics
  2. Favor recyclable packaging over others
  3. Banned more than 2000 ingredients, including those that would be harmful to the environment
  4. Stringent sourcing process (all ingredients are ethically sourced)
  5. Serum bottles are made of glass. Only caps are made of ABS plastic (99% recyclable)
  6. Replaced unnecessary packaging with reusable pouches
  7. Switched to using only FSC paper for secondary packaging
  8. Completely eliminated the use of internal notices that generally accompany the product, replacing them with a QR code that can be scanned and viewed via the Internet
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