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Receive a welcome gift and 10 points when you sign up with Hoshino Coffee’s loyalty programme via the referral code: M57QFC.

It is web based and you don’t have to install any app. Signing up with my mobile number was fast.

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About Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee is originally from Japan, a Japanese-Western fusion style of cafe-restaurant.

We are specialized in hand-dripped coffee with coffee beans selected by our own coffee blend specialist.

I am not a coffee drinker, so with a shop name like this, I would usually just walk pass. However, when I visited Hoshino Coffee recently at Changi Jewel, I found the food pretty delicious.

During my second visit, I was informed by the staff of a newly launched loyalty membership programme.

I joined on the spot and redeemed my welcome gift of a free hand-drip coffee. I am no coffee connoisseur so I can’t comment about the quality but I felt it was quite smooth with no sour aftertaste unlike some other coffees I tasted before.

Hoshino Coffee's loyalty programme welcome gift
Hoshino Coffee’s loyalty programme welcome gift. Choice of hot or iced coffee available.

In total, I spent $42 and was credited with 42 loyalty points.

Salmon wasabi cream sauce spaghetti
Salmon wasabi cream sauce spaghetti
Hoshino Coffee Soufflé omu tomato chilli spaghetti
My personal favourite: Hoshino Coffee’s omu soufflé tomato chilli spaghetti


  • Although clearly indicated on the menu, I still wish to highlight to non-beef eaters that their Japanese curry uses beef stock.
  • The food portions are quite big.
  • There is a 20 min preparation time for the fluffy pancakes.

What can I use my points for?

Hoshino Coffee is part of the group Doutor NRS. The points can be used for Rewards across all the brands, including:

  • Hoshino Coffee
  • Cafê Aux Bacchanales
  • Chopsticks by the Asian Kitchen
Redemption options accurate as of 13 Mar 2022
Redemption options accurate as of 13 Mar 2022

I did a simple calculation and concluded that they are generous with their points redemption options. The value of points earned work out to roughly 10% of your transaction amount.

Other reasons to join

According to the marketing material, we can look forward to birthday rewards and member deals as well.

Visit the birthday benefits blog post to find out more.

How to make a reservation at Hoshino Coffee

You can use Chope.co to book seats at Hoshino Coffee. If you need a referral link, please visit the Chope.co referral post.
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