Haru Invest Referral Code: sgcryptoinvestor (Review, Usage Notes and Referral Benefits)

Crypto In, More Crypto Out. It’s simple as that.

Receive an additional 0.2% Earn Rate for Haru Wallet & Earn Plus when you sign up with Haru Invest via the referral code: sgcryptoinvestor or referral link.

sign-up screen with referral code applied showing eligible bonus
sign-up screen with referral code applied showing eligible bonus
Haru Invest Earn Rates on 10 Feb 2022
Haru Invest Earn Rates on 10 Feb 2022
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Crypto In, More Crypto Out. It’s simple as that.

Launched on 6 August 2019, Haru Invest is a digital asset management and custody platform. The platform was formerly known as HaruBank was renamed to Haru Invest in September 2020.


Business model

Haru Invest only accepts BTC, ETH and USDT as of February 2022. My top question is how are such high yields possible?

At Haru Invest, we do not have borrowers for your deposits. Instead, we invest them for you with minimized risk. That’s why your earnings at Haru Invest can go higher than at the other services.

Investors’ assets are allocated to various strategies that turn market volatility into profit. Strategies include:

  • Arbitrage Trading: leverage BTC and ETH price gaps between crypto exchanges.
  • Market Neutral Strategy: based on price stability mechanism at futures exchange.
  • Spread Trading: focuses on the volatility of the BTC/ETH futures contract.

Location of company

  • Haru Invest was launched by Block Crafters.
    • Block Crafters has a crypto hedge fund subsidiary called Block Crafters Capital (BCC), and both are established in Singapore.
      • BCC joined Haru Invest as a primary partner
    • Currently, Haru Invest and BCC are distinct business units of Block Crafters.
  • From the Haru Invest LinkedIn profile, the team seems to be headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.
    • There is a legal entity Block Crafters Inc. in Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Here is a blog article on Medium that delves more into the corporate structure at Haru Invest.

Key metrics

  • Total number of earning paid-outs: 1.5M+ [Feb 2022]
  • Total Transaction Volume: $1026M+ [Feb 2022]

Major Developments

  • announced the launch of an Approved Fund in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The Fund is recognized as an “Approved Fund” under the Securities and Investment Business (Incubator and Approved Funds) Regulations, 2015 of the British Virgin Islands. [23 Feb 2021]

Presence in Singapore


Regulation by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)



  • TrustPilot: Haru Invest
    • Verified company
    • Average 4.9 stars and graded ‘Excellent’ from 236 reviews [Feb 2022]

Social media


Refer to the guidebook for more information about the platform.

Access to Haru Invest

  • Android app (rated 4.8 stars on Google Play)
  • iOS app
  • Web

[Feb 2022] I am having problems accessing Haru Invest via the Android app. My SMS OTP never ever arrives and the Google Authenticator verification code always fails. I have contacted Haru Invest and they are helping to troubleshoot the issue.

I have no issues with the 2FA when accessing via the webapp version on my browser though.

Haru Earn (Haru Wallet)

Lock-up and earn more. Enjoy the highest earn rates in the market.

When you deposit funds into Haru Invest, they first go into the ‘Haru Wallet’. This is already an interest bearing account by itself. To further enhance yields, there are two product options, namely ‘Earn Plus’ and ‘Earn Explore’.

Earn Plus (Fixed Earn Rate)

This product requires assets to be locked up for a fixed interest payout rate.

To ensure the security of client assets, Haru Invest transfers assets deposited at Earn Plus to a cold wallet securely managed by Block Crafters. The deposits at Earn Plus are managed by global asset management partners of Haru Invest, which generates stable profits using various strategies discussed previously.

The global asset management partners have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Registered corporations only.
  • Crypto asset management companies with at least four professionals, preferably with strength in algorithm trading.
  • Total annual trading volume of at least 100 million USD.
  • Asset management history for at least 18-months.
  • A strong track record with low volatility and profit above the industry average.


  1. Select cryptocurrency: amount is flexible
  2. Flexible lock-up period: Set your lock-up period from 15-365 days. The longer your lock-up, the higher your earnings will be.
  3. Withdraw earnings freely: Withdraw your earnings anytime you want while your principal is still at work.
  • All earnings are automatically reinvested daily. This helps earnings to compound faster.
  • There is no fee to open or make deposits to Earn Plus.
  • Earn rates are updated every two weeks but will not changed during the lock-up period.

Earn Explore (Performance Based Returns)

In ‘Earn Explore’, investors select a strategy and the system monitors the market 24/7, automatically buying and selling crypto to generate a high return. Haru Invest will take a 15% cut of earning if they exceed 15% APR. Otherwise, there are no fees.

This product has undergone a couple of naming changes from ‘Haru X’ -> ‘Haru Invest (Oct 2020)’ -> ‘Earn Explore (2021)’. ‘Haru Invest’ was a particularly confusing name as it was identical to the brand name.


  • ‘Earn Explore’ does not guarantee the principal and return on your investment.

Haru Freeze

Freeze your Haru products to Collectibles. Extra earning and digital art to your Haru Wallet.

Refer here for details.

Haru Switch

Swap your coins in just a few clicks. Become a liquidity provider to farm more crypto.

Switch is a community-driven pool where you can contribute your crypto assets to the pool and get earnings from transactions as swaps happen.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Daily payouts

Interest is paid out daily and compound automatically.

Insurance of funds

Haru Invest uses BitGo as a custody service. Learn about BitGo’s: 100 million USD coverage for digital assets.

Low withdrawal fees

As of February 2022, Haru Invest’s withdrawal fees are as per below:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 0.0001 BTC
  • Ether (ETH): 0.005 ETH
  • Tether (USDT): 1 USDT

Withdraw your earnings anytime you want while your principal is still at work

Haru Invest allows investors to withdraw their earning anytime even in the fixed lock-up scheme of Earn Plus


Limited crypto asset types supported

As of February 2022, only BTC, ETH and USDT is supported.

Only ERC20 support for USDT deposits

As only ERC20 is supported as of February 2022, it can be pricey to deposit USDT into Haru Invest.

Usage Notes and Tips


I signed up via the webapp version on a desktop browser in February 2022. The KYC was completed within 10 minutes via Haru Invest’s KYC provider sumsub.

Cannot find the sign-up button on the sign-up form?

If you are signing up via the webapp on the web browser like me, you might notice that the ‘Sign Up" button gets pushed down as you fill up the form. Do note that you must keep your mouse within the red box area in order to scroll downwards to reach the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Haru Invest sign up button hidden
Haru Invest sign up button hidden

Customer Support

I am experiencing problems accessing Haru Invest from my mobile phone and reached out to Haru Invest via the chat button on the webpage. So far, they have been very responsive and actively following up with me to troubleshoot the issue.

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