Google Pay (SG) Referral Promo (applicable to iOS users too!)

Do more with your money. Transfer money to friends, pay in a snap, and earn rewards - all in one place.

Join me on Google Pay (SG) and we both earn $3 when you make your first payment (min. $10)! Terms apply.

Apple iOS device users can use Google Pay too, and are also eligible for the referral promotion.

The $10 payment requirement for the referral promotion can be met by sending funds to your friends and family. They do not have to be existing Google Pay users. As long as they have a PayNow account, they can receive the funds.

Use my referral link OR download the app and use my referral code: t26es22 to get started.

  1. Please click on the referral link using mobile phone and not a computer browser.
  2. Please do not connect to any overseas VPN when trying to sign up. The registration will fail as this is meant for users in Singapore. I had to reinstall the app when I faced this issue.

What if you launched Google Pay while connected to a overseas VPN?

You will see an error message along the lines of This version of the app isn't available in XYZ. To get rid of it, just restarting the app is insufficient. You need to:

  1. Disconnect your VPN
  2. Click on the Learn more link on the error screen, which pops up a browser page
  3. Close the browser and restart Google Pay

What is this Google Pay (SG)? I think I already have Google Pay on my phone.

You may already have the generic Google Pay app on your phone but Google is actually in the midst of launching one that is geared for the Singapore market.

The app is still under early access but you can already sign up and use it.

After installation, I actually have 2 separate Google Pay apps on my smartphone.


With this Google Pay (SG) app, you can:

  • Pay all of your friends on PayNow back in a flash: Google Pay works with PayNow and your existing bank account (currently only OCBC), so it’s even simpler to send money to anyone in your contacts. There’s no need to worry about reloading wallets
  • Tap to pay on the MRT, buses, in stores, and more: Once you’ve added a payment method in the app, just use your phone to pay and go. Google Pay can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted
  • Order food from your favorite restaurants: Discover restaurants, order a meal, and pay the bill all within the app
  • Get tickets before it’s showtime: Find upcoming movies, then easily book tickets all in one place
  • Get rewarded as you pay: Earn scratch cards with chances to obtain cashback when you use Google Pay on eligible transactions
Earn rewards with Google Pay (SG)
Earn rewards with Google Pay (SG)
My first cashback rewards when I used Google Pay to pay for petrol
My first cashback reward when I used Google Pay to pay for petrol
Cashback was deposited into my bank account via PayNow immediately
Cashback was deposited into my bank account via PayNow immediately


This is the statement about security that can be found on the Google Play Store

Rest assured your info is more secure

  • Google Pay protects your money with a world-class security system that helps detect fraud and prevent hacking
  • Your card details aren’t shared when you tap to pay in stores and on the MRT
  • If you ever need it, our help center, phone, and chat support are available all day, every day

Watch a video created by OCBC introducing some of the features of Google Pay (SG)

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