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Gemini in Singapore

Gemini Digital Payments Pte Ltd, an affiliate of Gemini Trust Company LLC, is a Digital Payment Token exchange and custodian business in Singapore.

Gemini Digital Payments operates under the supervision of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has applied for a Major Payment Institution License pursuant to the regulations set forth in the Payment Services Act 2019.

Why choose Gemini?

Security-first mentality

When you buy and store your crypto with Gemini, your assets are held in an off-site cold storage system.

Get notified of price changes in real-time via the Gemini Exchange app

Gemini allows you to set up an alert system that will notify you as soon as prices of any Gemini-supported crypto changes.

Insured funds

Gemini’s insurance coverage safeguards your digital assets in your hot wallet against theft that results from a security breach or hack, a fraudulent transfer, or employee theft. See the Digital Asset Insurance section of the User Agreement for more information.

Support for Singapore dollar transactions at Gemini

In a blog article published by Gemini on 22 Dec 2020, Gemini now supports:

  • the purchase of crypto with SGD using a debit card and,
  • deposit of SGD into your Gemini account using FAST transfers.

SGD trading is available on both mobile app and website.


Gemini has just announced the launch of Cryptopedia in early 2021, a free educational platform that provides open-access, high-quality crypto education to the world.

Examples of topics:

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