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Table of Contents

About Endowus

Endowus is Singapore’s fee-only wealth platform and the first digital advisor for all your money - Cash, CPF & SRS.

Endowus is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and I believe they are currently the only platform that allows clients to invest their CPF funds.

You can learn more about Endowus from their Youtube channel.

Here is a video from their channel which discusses why you should choose Endowus:

Performance Metrics


In November 2021, Endowus announced that it has raised an additional S$35 million in funding, bringing total funding in year 2021 to S$67 million (US$50 million).

Endowus Investors

Fee-only financial advisor

“At Endowus, we believe in transparency and alignment. That’s why we’re the first and only digital wealth advisor and fund platform to refuse all trailer fees and instead return them as 100% cashback to our clients.”

In an industry-first practice, Endowus rebates 100% of trailer fees received from fund managers to clients as cashback. As of April 2022, Endowus has returned more than $2 million in cashback (trailer fee rebates) to clients.

As a fee-only financial advisor, Endowus charges clients an Access Fee based on the daily average total assets under advice (AUA) and portfolio type on a quarterly basis.

What are Trailer Fees?

Trailer fees are recurring sales commissions that fund managers pay to distributors to sell their funds (which can lead to an obvious conflict of interest).



  • Asia FinTech Awards 2021: WealthTech of the Year
  • Singapore’s Best of the Best 2021: Fintech Innovation in Asset Management (awarded by Asia Asset Management)
  • Singapore’s Best of the Best 2021: Singapore Rising Star (awarded by Asia Asset Management)
endowus awards

Endowus has achieved one billion in assets under advice as of July 2021.

endowus one billion in assets under advice


Endowus is one of the rare approved platforms that lets you invest with your CPF-OA and SRS account balances.

ESG sustainable investing

You can now gain unique access to the best ESG, sustainable and climate funds for both equities and fixed income from the top ESG fund managers. Exclusively on the Endowus digital wealth platform at the lowest cost.

Endowus has recently started offering ESG sustainable investing which piques my interest! They held a webinar on 17/3/2021 where the following points were covered:

  • Why ESG investing matters to us
  • Key concerns around ESG investing
  • Existing ESG investing offerings and their limitations
  • Endowus’ approach to ESG investing

You can watch a replay on Youtube:

It was mentioned that this will be a series of three webinars and I am looking forward to the next one.

Learn about finance and investing

As a digital advisor, creating engaging and relatable — yet informative and educational — content is crucial for us to help our clients manage and invest their money better.

Endowus has been actively creating finance and investment related content and sharing them on various platforms:

My personal experience

I have heard about Endowus for quite awhile, but their minimum investment of $10k was a prohibitive factor for me to try them out.

So I was glad there was a recent promotion that lowered the minimum investment to $888 and I promptly opened an account.

[Update 1 May 2021]: Endowus has officially lowered their minimum investment amount to $1,000 from $10,000.

I signed up over the 2021 Chinese New Year period so it might have contributed to the long time it took for my account to be approved. A UOB Kay Hian trust account was created to hold my assets.

What is the relationship between UOB Kay Hian and Endowus?

When you create an Endowus account, UOB Kay Hian will open an execution and custodian (for cash and investment assets) account in your name. This ensures the safety of your cash and securities, as all your assets are custodised in a segregated account under your name with UOB Kay Hian.

If you decide to close your Endowus account, your UOB Kay Hian account will automatically close after you have withdrawn all the investments from your Endowus account.

I have started off with a cash investment of $1000 and hope the performance will convince me to invest my CPF funds as well.

Cash Funding

After watching the ESG webinar, I decided to start a portfolio for ESG investment and transferred money on a Friday. The funds were received into my Endowus account on the following Monday.

CPF Investing

I decided to create a portfolio to invest my CPF on 15 April 2021. I used the Endowus app to create the portfolio and specified to use my CPF as the funding source.

As I already have a CPF Investment Account (CPF-IA) with OCBC, the funds from my CPF Ordinary Account (CPF-OA) were pulled out automatically the next business day to create the portfolio.

Key points about investing my CPF with Endowus:


  • Access Fee: paid to Endowus which includes access to the underlying products used, investment advice, portfolio creation and rebalancing, brokerage, and transfers. For CPF investing, this all-in transparent fee is 0.40% per annum including GST.

Access Fees are charged on a quarterly basis based on daily average total assets under advice (AUA) for the period of the fee.

It will be deducted directly by redeeming from investment holdings. Access Fees for CPF and SRS portfolios cannot be paid for with cash.

  • Fund-Level Fee (fund total expense ratio): charged by the fund manager out of the underlying fund Net Asset Value (NAV). Endowus will rebate 100% of trailer fees
  • Agent Bank Charges: charges levied by the Agent Bank of CPF Investment Account (DBS, UOB, OCBC)
What are trailer fees?

Trailer fees are kickbacks that financial advisors, fund platforms, brokers and private banks can receive when they sell you an investment product. This is on top of other fees and sales charges they may earn from you.


No transaction fees or penalties

Redemption orders takes approximately 3 business days to execute. It will then take an additional 7 business days to be remitted into CPF Investment Account. Can then request for the agent bank to transfer the funds back to CPF-OA at any time.

SRS Investing

I created my SRS account in Dec 2021 to lock-in the retirement age at 62 before it increases to 63 in 2022.

I decided to invest my SRS funds through Endowus, as the performance of my cash and CPF investments have been encouraging.

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