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Discover sign-up benefits for the Don Don Donki credit card from DCS Card Centre (formerly Diners Club Singapore)

Don Don Donki credit card
Don Don Donki credit card
Photo taken at Don Don Donki’s Jewel Changi Airport branch [April 2023]
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What can I do with dMiles?

dMiles can be used to redeem coupons. For example, 500 dMiles can get you a SGD$5 coupon. That means the 10 dMiles bonus you get by signing up with a referral code is only worth 10 cents. I really feel DON DON Donki should be much more generous with their referral program :(

Official Store on Shopee online platform

Did you know there is a Don Don Donki Official Store on Shopee? Check out the Shopee referral post if you haven’t signed up with Shopee.

Birthday benefits

Visit the birthday benefits blog post to find out more.
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