DBS Paylah! Referral Promo

With PayLah!, everyday is made easier and more rewarding. Get rides, book shows, order meals and much more!

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After registration is complete on the PayLah! app, there will be a prompt to enter a referral promo code:

DBS Paylah referral promo code prompt

Enter the referral code: KEL2KS779 and click submit to receive the referral benefit.

About Paylah!

Scan to pay at over 180,000 merchants with NETS QR, PayNowQR, FavePayQR and select SGQR codes.

DBS PayLah! is a mobile payment and mobile wallet service offered by DBS Bank Ltd.

With effect from 30 November 2020, monies in your DBS PayLah! account will be a deposit. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75k by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

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