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Receive an additional S$10 off your first order when you sign up with Daily&Co via the referral link.

I noticed that at times, the Daily&Co website shows an error after clicking the referral link. If it happens to you too, you can try closing the tab and clicking the referral link again.
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About Daily&Co Singapore

We invite you to Korean exquisite lifestyle.

Located in Marina Square (see Marina Square referral post), Daily&Co is a lifestyle store from Korea. They carry some of the most popular and trending brands well-loved by Korean celebrities.

Location and opening hours


  • Marina Square, #02-110. 2nd Floor, 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594


  • Mon-Thurs | 11:00 - 20:00
  • Fri-Sun | 10:00 - 22:00

Loyalty programme


  • Get 1,000 D Cash for signing up
  • Enjoy members only price on all exquisite brands
  • Receive D Cash payback on every purchase
  • Get members only gifts and exclusive products
  • Participate in the referral programs and earn S$10 (1,000 D cash)

D Cash are Daily&Co Points which can be used like cash during checkout.

Redemption rate:

  • 100 D Cash = SGD S$1



Active life, active wear in style

andar is Korea’s premium activewear brand. andar’s products provide maximum comfort and perfect fit. Free yourself from camel-toe and sweat with andar, 365 days a year!

I personally like the cutting of the ‘Men’s Airy Fit Short Sleeve’. The material is also very suitable for our hot weather in Singapore. I pack it to vacations as it is crease resistant and dries fast.

Klug 클럭

De-stress your day. Over 10 million units sold in KOREA🏆

Klug Stretching Massager stretches every inch of upper body. Target your trouble areas with its customized massage programs. All you have to do is lie down 10 minutes.


Premium Korean Skincare Brand For Glass Skin

mixsoon is a minimalist K-beauty brand headquartered in Seoul. The vegan skincare brand does not include any unnecessary ingredients for the skin and focuses on the CORE Ingredients.


No more struggling! Save your lower back with MONGZE. SOLD OVER S$130 million in Korea!

The MONGZE Mattress provides optimal firmness, breathability, and support with AIRNET - the next generation mattress material.

No more struggling! Save your lower back with MONGZE.

Daily&Co provides a refund if you’re not satisfied, so feel free to enjoy a 120-day trial.


  • ✔️The perfect firm support for your lower back
  • ✔️Three-Part Detachable Design for Easy Storage
  • ✔️High breathability that keeps you cool
  • ✔️Optimised material for a humid environment


Carefully chosen for everyday use

TITAD is the leading brand of clean lifestyle in Korea. TITAD insists on gentle ingredients and eco-friendly packages for the earth, and strongly oppose animal testing.


Do visit the physical store to try out the products. I brought my mum there to try out the MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress and Klug Stretching Massager.

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