CrowdTaskSG Referral Campaign

Complete tasks, earn vouchers, and help shape the future of Singapore!

To be upfront, there are zero referral benefits for both me and you when you join CrowdTaskSG.

The current referral campaign in this soft-launch period only rewards the top 310 referrers when the campaign ends on 17 Feb 2023.

I am sharing about this because:

  • I am intrigued that our government runs such a survey and polls platform to gather opinions from citizens and permanent residents
  • participants can accumulate coins to exchange for rewards. For example, a $5 NTUC voucher can be redeemed for 5000 coins.
You’ll be eligible to join CrowdTaskSG if you’re a Singapore citizen or permanent resident aged 18 years and above with a Singpass account.
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About CrowdTaskSG

CrowdTaskSG is a gamified platform for any government agency in Singapore to crowdsource tasks and engage citizens in a fun and meaningful way.

The platform is a Singapore Government Agency Website, developed by Government Digital Services, a division of Government Technology Agency Singapore.

How it works?

  1. Collaborate: CrowdTaskSG works with government agencies in Singapore to create tasks that meet their needs. From gathering opinions to getting feedback, everything gets turned into a task for users.
  2. Crowdsource: tasks are matched to relevant users, and reward users for participating. Each task is an opportunity for users to earn coins and experience points (XP), and to contribute to better policies.
  3. Co-create: Through gamification mechanics such as coins, experience points (XP), and ranks, CrowdTaskSG is building a community of active citizens who’re co-creating the future of Singapore.
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