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About Creative Eateries

Founded by Mr Anthony Wong in 1992, the birth of Creative Eateries began with an unique dining concept restaurant as an alternative to that of hotel restaurants.

This F&B chain might not sound familiar to you, but it operates more than 20 outlets in Singapore and you might recognise some of its brands.

  • Chinese:

  • Japanese:

    • Juu Don
    • Rocku Yakiniku
    • Suki-ya
    • Tajimaya Yakiniku
  • Thai:

    • Bangkok Jam
    • Sarai
    • Siam Kitchen
  • Western:

    • Barossa Steak & Grill
    • Dopo Teatro Ristorante & Bar
    • Tanglin Cookhouse
    • Vineyard at Hortpark

Eat-Venture Rewards programme

It is a FREE loyalty programme introduced to reward regular customers with exclusive privileges, benefits, deals and updates.

Birthday benefits

Visit the birthday benefits blog post to find out more.
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