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This is the site description I found from Google search:

Try new varieties of exciting fruits, snacks & frozen food not found in supermarkets yet. Get fresh local produce for your family & neighbours direct from the source. Flash Deals & Discounts. Up To 15% Cashback. Good Deals, Free Delivery.

There wasn’t much information on their official website about the company.

My experience

I just signed up and have not tried their services yet. Will update the post after I do so.

So far though, I have already managed to spot several issues:

  • I see quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes on their website and email correspondence.
  • When I load the website on my desktop computer, it displays as if in mobile mode only.
  • I had problems update my profile information:
  • For “Date of Birth”, the user interface has some issues and I only see the “Day” field.
  • For nickname, it defaults to my telephone number. I had a hard time updating it to something else. When I keyed in something and hit “Update”, the screen message will say it was successful when it wasn’t. The field will either become blank or revert back to my phone number. I tried multiple times before it worked.
  • Facebook login/signup does not work.
I would recommend if you sign up to not reuse a common password you use with other sites.
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