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About Awfully Chocolate

Indulge in premium cakes and treats handcrafted for your pleasure, with next-day delivery. Be spoilt for choice with a wide array of luscious chocolate cakes, gift sets & hampers.

Awfully Chocolate is a popular chocolate-centric brand in Singapore known for its decadent desserts and confections. It was founded by Lyn Lee in 1998 with the aim of crafting simple, delicious chocolate cakes using high-quality ingredients. What started as a small local shop has now grown into a well-established brand with multiple outlets not only in Singapore and China.

Their signature product is the “All Chocolate Cake”, which is a moist, dense chocolate cake sandwiched between layers of rich chocolate fudge. This cake has gained a cult following for its intense chocolate flavor and luxurious texture.

Signature 'All Chocolate Cake' (Image source: Awfully Chocolate)
Signature ‘All Chocolate Cake’ (Image source: Awfully Chocolate)

What sets Awfully Chocolate apart is their commitment to using only the finest ingredients, to create indulgent desserts that resonate with chocolate lovers. Their focus on simplicity and quality has earned them a loyal customer base and a strong reputation in the dessert scene in Singapore and beyond.

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