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Premium nutrition made simple and convenient. Reach your fullest potential with AVALON®

Established in 2004, Hi-Beau International Pte Ltd is a leading supplement company that prides itself on providing safe, natural, and effective products for every family and individual.

Being a pioneer in Singapore’s Health, Beauty & Wellness industry, Hi-Beau formulates, exports, distributes and e-tails several best-selling brands such as

  • US Clinicals®
  • VitaRealm®
  • Estalife®
  • NaturoTea®
  • NaturoPatch®
  • SingLion®
  • NaturoHealth®

With quality and safety as core values, AVALON® only uses ingredients with 3 and more clinically proven research, and quality requirements more stringent than SG’s regulatory standards.


AVALON® is an acclaimed brand with over 80 awards, including the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) for 2018 & 2019.

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