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Why I chose AutoWealth out of the various Robo Advisors available in the market?

AutoWealth is a regional robo-advisor, based in Singapore, that automates investing, allowing you to skip costly middlemen & get good returns at a low fee in 3 simple steps!

1. Licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore

MAS Licensed

It is licensed by MAS with a Financial Advisor Licence: FA100064-1

  • Advising on Investment Products
    • Collective Investment Schemes
    • Securities

2. Portfolio Company of NUS Enterprise

NUS Enterprise
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It is a portfolio company of NUS Enterprise.

3. Good performance and diversification

AutoWealth Performance
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From the marketing material I saw:

Despite the recent market correction, AutoWealth still generated 17.3%* in returns (net of fees & currency impact) between May 2016 and March 2019 on a 60% stocks / 40% govt. bonds portfolio.

That puts AutoWealth’s performance way ahead of the average (5.1%) & median (5.0%) Global Balanced Mutual Funds available in Singapore.

AutoWealth is confident that a combination of long investment horizon & diversified portfolio of >8,000 stocks and >600 govt. bonds will continue to be one of the safest ways to generate superior returns.

4. Beautiful user interface

The user interface dashboard presents key account information in an easily readable format. You can also choose to login with SingPass.

AutoWealth summary chart
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AutoWealth performance numbers
User interface sample: Performance numbers
AutoWealth holdings by sector
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AutoWealth performance breakdown by sector
User interface sample: Performance breakdown by sector

5. Custodian account at Saxo Capital under my own name

In contrast with many other robo-advisors, AutoWealth have always insisted on setting up personal, segregated custody account, with our partnering independent custodian Saxo Capital Markets, in your own legal name to hold your assets.

This clear ownership structure offers the highest possible safeguard for your assets and monies against an unforeseen event of insolvency or cessation of business.

Onboarding Process

The whole process takes quite a few days.

  1. I first submitted particulars to create an account online.
  2. Next, I had to sign some forms online and perform ID verification.
  3. After verification, an account was created for me to login and I was contact by my Wealth Manager who was very helpful and responsive to my questions.
  4. After I funded the account, a custody account was created at Saxo Capital Markets. I am able to login to a view-only mode of the portfolio of my holdings under AutoWealth.

My Thoughts

I like that there is a custody account under Saxo Capital Markets and I can login anytime to view my holdings.

To view your custody account at Saxo Capital Markets
You have to login via this URL: and not I wasn’t aware of this initially and was wondering why my login kept failing even though I entered the right login information and even tried resetting the password.
To view your referral rewards
You have to login to and select 'Deposits and Transfer' -> 'Historic Cash Transactions'.

Recently, it was in that news that robo-advisor ‘Smartly’ was winding up. It got me worried about my investment in AutoWealth.

Thankfully, shortly later, I received an email reassuring me how AutoWealth protects my holdings through a Saxo Capital Markets custodian account.

The email also shared that AutoWealth is going to launch CPF investment opportunities soon in April 2020.

CPF Investment coming soon in April 2020
CPF Investment coming soon in April 2020
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