Aspire App Referral Code: CMUP7KA8 (Digital Business Bank Account Referral Program)

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Please note that Aspire Business account is a digital debit account that you can open for businesses only. It is not for individuals.

After opening an account, you must fund the account and charge at least S$5.00 to the digital debit card in order to receive the referral benefit.

Promotion validity period: till 26 Oct 2021

[20 Oct 2021]: Referees now only need to accumulate $50 “Qualified Spend” instead of $150 to qualify for the bonus.

Aspire Oct 2021 GIVE $158, GET $158 3x Referral Bonus Promotion

Get up to 3x (SGD $158) the usual referral bonus credited into your Aspire Business account, when you sign up with the referral link, or referral code: CMUP7KA8, and spend $50.

To be eligible, you need to:

  • Register your account within the promotion period using the referral code
  • Complete a total ‘Qualified Card Spend’ of S$50, from date of approval to 31 October 2021


  • After the promotion period, the referral benefit would revert to the usual $50.
  • If you spend $5.00 but not at merchants in the list of ‘Qualified Card Spend’, you will only be eligible for $50 referral bonus.

View the detailed terms and conditions.

Table of Contents

About Aspire

Corporate Background

Aspire is headquartered in Singapore with teams in Indonesia and Vietnam, and backed by leading venture capital firms and private investors.

Aspire is the trade name used by the Aspire group of companies, which includes Aspire FT Pte. Ltd. and Aspire Financial Technologies Pte. Ltd., both of which are fully owned subsidiaries of Aspire Financial Technologies Holdings Inc.


Aspire is the all-in-one finance operating system for growing businesses. Aspire helps companies pay, manage, and earn smarter - by doing more than a bank, bookkeeper, or reward program could ever do alone.

Their mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs with the financial tools they need to realise their company’s full potential.

Corporate Highlights

  • 27 Sep 2021: Aspire raises US$158 Million series B round to double down on its All-in-one Finance OS for growing businesses in South East Asia.
  • 11 May 2021: US$1 billion in annualized transaction volumes within one year of the launch of its business accounts.


  • Startup Fintech Award (Technode Global)
  • #1 Hottest Startup 2020 (Singapore Business Review)
  • Startup of the Year 2021 (Asia Fintech Awards)

Notable Partners

Some customer names that ring a bell with us:

Is Aspire regulated in Singapore?

Aspire FT Pte. Ltd. is currently exempted from holding a licence to provide payment services in Singapore under the Payment Services Act (No. 2 of 2019). You can find the list of exempted entities here. Credit lines to businesses are issued by Aspire Financial Technologies Pte. Ltd, which is an excluded moneylender under the Moneylenders Act (Cap. 188).

Your funds are kept strictly segregated in a trust account with a tier-1 bank which is safeguarded in accordance with the Payment Services Act, following MAS guidelines on the same.

Source: Aspire Knowledge Base

Service portfolio of Aspire

  • Debit: Aspire Business Account
    • One account for all your business financial needs
  • Cards: Aspire Visa Card
    • The smartest corporate card for digital SMEs and Startups
  • Credit: Aspire Line of Credit
    • A line of credit for your working capital needs - up to S$300k

Built upon these services are features like: Bill Pay, Multi-User Access, Expense Management, Solution Integrations, Cashback, and Rewards.

How to fulfill the referral terms and get the referral bonus credited into your Aspire Business account?

1. Install Aspire app

After signing up at the website, first install the Aspire app from the app store:

Aspire Apple App Store download link icon Aspire Google Play Store download link icon

You can also sign up directly via the app:

2. Deposit funds into Aspire Business account

A DBS bank account under your company’s name will have been created by Aspire upon account opening.

Retrieve the DBS account details from the Aspire app and you can do a FAST transfer to deposit some funds.

The funds should be received and reflected in the Aspire app almost instantaneously.

Unlike traditional banking accounts that might impose various fees, Aspire charges no monthly fees, fall below fees, or FAST transfer fees.

I started off with just $50 of funds deposited.

3. Make a purchase with the Aspire virtual corporate debit card

Making a purchase (min S$5) with the Aspire virtual debit card is a mandatory requirement to receive the referral benefit.

The final step is to make some purchase using the Aspire virtual debit card. Upon a successful transaction, the referral bonus should be credited instantly and you would receive a notification from the Aspire app.

For example: buying some office supplies from Shopee.

You can actually add the Aspire card to Google Pay which then allows you to pay at physical stores via payWave.

Personal experience

Check transaction records

You can conveniently check your transaction records from the Aspire app.

Separation of expenses

I find the Aspire corporate card useful as it helps me to separate company and personal expenses. It is a hassle to remember to submit claims to the company if I use my personal credit card for company expenses.

Send notifications of payments

I like the feature where Aspire can send email and SMS notifications to the receiving party when I make invoice payments.

Slow loading of app and logins

It takes a few seconds for the Aspire app to load on my Samsung phone and probably another 10 seconds to login. No idea why it needs to take so long and I hope Aspire can improve on this aspect soon.

Web Administrator

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