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About ApiaryBuzz

ApiaryBuzz is an online community to share opinion on a variety of issues that matter, by participating in market research surveys and polls. It is managed by InnoProbe Insight, an online market research agency based in Singapore.

By participating in these surveys, members of ApiaryBuzz get to earn rewards and drive positive changes by helping organisations to improve their policies, products and services.

Entry requirements:

  • anyone aged 18 and above is eligible to join for free.
  • only one account per user and two accounts per household.

What are Honeydrop points for?

Each time you complete a survey, you are rewarded with points which can be used to redeem reward once the required minimum is reached.

Expiry of points

Currently, Honeydrop points will expire after 24 months. Starting on July 1st 2024, points will be valid for 12 months.

What kind of rewards can be redeemed?

Reward examples for 2000 Honeydrop points (as of August 2022) include:

  • 7-Eleven S$20 E-Voucher
  • Cold Storage S$20 E-Voucher
  • Giant S$20 E-Voucher
  • Guardian S$20 E-Voucher
  • Jasons S$20 eVoucher
  • Market Place S$20 eVoucher
  • PayNow $20 Cash Transfer
Redemption options on 14 August 2022
Redemption options on 14 August 2022

Personal experience

Surveys on ApiaryBuzz typically take around 1-2 minutes, so you can complete them using the mobile app while in queue for something.

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