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About Anywheel

No deposits. No nonsense. Just a little fun, joy, and laughter. Sign up with us today, and start riding for a greener future.

Founded in Singapore on World Car-Free Day in 2017, Anywheel is currently the biggest operator in Singapore with a license to operate a fleet of up to 30,000 bicycles.

Anywheel’s goal is to build on the public transport system in Singapore, and help users reduce their reliance on cars as a means of commuting.

Family bikes

Anywheel has Family bikes that come with a built-in child seat suitable for kids up to 25kg.

No deposit required

The company does not collect deposits, but users need to top up an e-wallet from which fares are deducted.

Experience Sharing

Usage of $2 Ride Coupon received from referral promotion

The $2 Ride Coupon received from the referral promotion is good for one ride only. For a normal Anywheel bicycle, this is good an one hour rental. Even if you use the bicycle for only 15 minutes, the coupon will be considered fully redeemed.

What to do if the bicycle I unlocked has problems and is not suitable for riding?

I have had experiences with squeaky bicycles that were difficult to manoeuvre and even once with a bicycle missing a brake handle.

When I searched the Anywheel FAQ, there wasn’t any mention of how to handle such situations so I wrote in to ask. Here is the gist of Anywheel’s response:

​We recommend you end your trip with the not-ready bikes as soon as you find out, push the lock back, and scan the QR Code of the parking spot.

To report a device issue from your trip, please follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Main Menu > Trip History> choose the trip that you rode the problematic bike > Report Damage
  • Select the damaged part of the bike and submit a photo showing the bike its number, and the location

Your report will be reinvestigated by our staff within 1-2 working days, depending on the volume of the appeals submitted. Once it is accepted, you will receive the trip fee refund back to your in-app wallet automatically.

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