Amazin' Graze Rewards Referral Promo

Let’s change the way we snack.

Receive 200 points worth $5 when you sign up with my Amazin’ Graze referral link.

Note 1: When you click on the referral link, there is no special indication that there is a referral benefit, but after you sign up, the screen will indicate that 200 points has been credited.

You can verify in your transaction history too. It will show something like: “You’ve received 200 points from an Amazin’ friend!”

You can sign up via Facebook login and still be eligible for the referral bonus.

Note 2: Points earned expire in 180 days.

Amazin' Graze products
Amazin’ Graze products

Amazin’ Graze is the purveyor of fun, healthy, tropically-inspired snacks.

What does Amazin’ Graze sell?

  • Granolas,
  • Asian-inspired nut mixes,
  • 100% stone-ground nut butters
  • Wholesome Goodness Bowls
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