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Let’s change the way we snack.

Receive S$5 off your first order of S$20+ when you sign up with the Amazin’ Graze referral link.


  • When you click on the referral link, there is no special indication that there is a referral benefit, but after you sign up, the screen will indicate that 200 points has been credited.
    • You can verify in your transaction history too.
  • You can sign up via Facebook login and still be eligible for the referral bonus.
Amazin' Graze products
Amazin’ Graze products

About Amazin’ Graze

Amazin’ Graze is the purveyor of fun, healthy, tropically-inspired snacks.

Amazin’ Graze makes tasty and healthy snacks that are handmade in small batches. 100% natural, with no artificial anything.

What does Amazin’ Graze sell?

  • Granolas,
  • Asian-inspired nut mixes,
  • 100% stone-ground nut butters
  • Wholesome Goodness Bowls
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