SNACK By Income Investment Pre-launch Party

From now till it’s launched, every cent of insurance premium you pay on SNACK, you will receive the same amount as Investment Credits. The more you protect yourself, the more credits you’ll collect, up to $100.

When SNACK Investment is launched, the credits you’ve collected will be used to purchase units of the Asian Income Fund.

Terms and conditions apply

Insurance premiums paid equal free investment credits
Insurance premiums paid equal free investment credits

How to join the promotion?

  1. Update your SNACK app, scroll to “Investment” on Portfolio and tap on “Join The Party”
  2. Boost Coverage for your insurance products and perform your lifestyle activities. Watch your free Investment Credits grow along with your coverage!
  3. Pass your Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) to activate your Investment when it’s launched
  4. Start your Investment journey!
If you do not have a SNACK By Income account, visit this referral post for a referral code to use when signing up.
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