Notes on retaining my GrabRewards Platinum membership tier

GrabRewards membership tiers are reviewed half-yearly. Users will fall into different membership tiers depending on the points accumulated.

As of 15 December 2022, requirements are:

  • Member (0 points required)
  • Silver (> 300 points)
  • Gold (> 1200 points)
  • Platinum (> 4500 points)

Being a Platinum member, I am eager to retain my membership tier for the benefits:

  • Accelerated Earn Rate: 2x rewards points earning rate.
  • Platinum Priority Allocation: Prioritised bookings for rides.
    • I am skeptical of this because of personal experiences of difficulties securing a Grabcar ride
  • Prioritized Platinum Support: prioritised support via the help center on Grab superapp.
  • Catalogue Exclusives: access to exclusive Platinum member rewards for food, rides, and more

Noting down ways I recently accumulated points for future reference.

  1. Buying gift cards on Fraser Experience app.
    • Fraser was running a promotion for extra gift card credits for purchases via GrabPay
  2. Make purchases on FavePay (Fave referral post) paid via GrabPay.
  3. Make purchases on ShopBack (ShopBack referral post) paid via GrabPay.
  4. Top-up my iTea (iTea referral post) wallet credits with $20 via GrabPay
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