Notes on choosing electricity retailers in Singapore

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My notes on choosing residential electricity retailers in Singapore.

Check whether current contract is auto-renewal

Electricity retailers are obligated to inform the customer before contract expiry, even if the current plan is under auto-renewal terms.

If interested to switch provider to benefit from referrals or other promotions, do not procrastinate and miss the recontract period. The new provider taking over might require a couple of weeks to complete the process. The process might take even longer if there is a need to install a smart meter.

Compare price plans

Free price plan comparison tool from

Check whether published rate includes GST

When comparing plans, check if the published rates includes or excludes GST

Check for eco-friendly plan options

Check for eco-friendly options like 100% solar energy or carbon neutral plans; even though these might cost slightly more. For a typical family, the difference monthly usually works out to a few dollars only.

Check for promotions

Check if there are any promotions and referral benefits. Some retailers offer stacking promotion codes with referral codes.

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