Notes on Central Provident Fund (CPF)

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Notes to self about CPF. Will update whenever I find something interesting.

CPF savings are not covered by a will

Source [Jan 2024]:

Unknown to many, your CPF savings are not covered by a will as they do not form a part of your estate. This arrangement is there to protect your CPF savings from creditor claims on any outstanding debts you may have and preserves your savings for your nominees.

This then makes it necessary to make a CPF nomination if you want your funds to be properly distributed after your demise.

CPF nomination coverage

Source [Jan 2024]:

Your CPF nomination covers:

  • CPF savings in your Ordinary, Special, MediSave, and Retirement Accounts
  • CPF LIFE unused premiums
  • Discounted Singtel shares

What is not covered under a CPF nomination:

  • Properties bought using your CPF savings
  • Payout from Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)
  • Investments and returns made under CPF Investment Scheme
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