Motorist’s 5th Year Anniversary Giveaway

Over $40,000 worth of Prizes to Be Won!

To celebrate Motorist’s 5th Year Anniversary, they are giving away over $40,000 worth of prizes from 2 to 16 September 2020!

Visit the Motorist referral post to sign up and receive bonus mPoints. Our 5th Year Anniversary Giveaway will be held on the Motorist App, so be sure to download it from the App Store or Play Store if you haven’t already!

You will stand to win cash vouchers, car grooming and servicing packages, and our limited-edition Motorist NETS CashCards!

Once you have the Motorist App installed, all you have to do to participate is to tap on the Rewards tab under your Dashboard. From there you’ll be able to see the featured sponsor and prize of the day!

All users will receive a push notification daily informing them of the day’s FREE prize. Simply tap on that notification and redeem on a first-com-first-serve basis

Sponsors include:

  • SPC
  • Angelwax
  • Sonax
  • Cars International
  • Autobacs
  • Avis
  • Tadafresh
  • Comfort Delgro
  • QMI
  • Speedycare
  • Carstom

Examples of prizes:

Day 4 prizes
Day 4 prizes
Day 5 prizes
Day 5 prizes
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