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Old habits are hard to change, and despite knowing that I can get market news on the moomoo app, I still find myself relying on finance.yahoo.com frequently to do research on stock counters.

So this month, I made a conscious effort to explore the moomoo app, and created a walk-through video of the "Quotes" tab (bottom leftmost) in the app.

The "Quotes" tab is further broken down into "Watchlists", "Markets" and "Explore" subsections. Since going through everything would result in a lengthy video, we would just focus on "Watchlists" (first subsection) for now.

You can view the video here:

To summarise, in this subsection of the moomoo app, investors can:

  • access complimentary access to:
  • Level 2 market data for the US market which displays real-time bids, asks and stock quotes
  • Level 1 real-time SGX Securities SG market data and 24/7 aggregated updates
  • Level 1 China A Shares market data which displays real-time bids, asks and stock quotes
  • perform technical and fundamental analysis of stocks via:
  • 24/7 updated headlines and news
  • Earnings Calendar
  • Ratios and analysis
  • Graphs and up to 29 chart patterns and drawing tools
  • Company introductions, announcements, financial reports, conference calls
  • Competitor research
  • interact with the 16 million strong global moomoo community to get insights on market sentiment.

The other subsections ("Markets" and "Explore") also contain a wealth of information and you should explore them in the moomoo app too!


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