How to verify if the Tiger Brokers stock voucher I received has been utilised with the rebate credited into my account?

Tiger Brokers’ user interface isn’t the most intuitive I’ve seen and if you are new to the platform like me, it can be challenging at times to search for information.

Checking if a stock voucher has been utilised

If you wish to verify that a stock voucher has been utilised, you can check it via the mobile app with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to me -> Promotions & Rewards -> Coupons
  2. Next scroll to the bottom and tap View expired cards. You should see something an image like this with the status “Exhausted” if you have a utilised stock voucher.
    Tiger Brokers used stock voucher image

Checking if the rebate has been credited into your account

I only know how to use reports on the web portal to check if the money has been credited into my account. Do share with me if you know how to check it via the mobile app.

  1. Login to the web portal and go to My Account
  2. Then select Reports

    Tiger Brokers generate report

  3. Tick the checkbox Show transaction records

  4. Then click on Generate Report

    Tiger Brokers generate report 2

In the generated report page, you can any credited stock voucher rebates under Cash Report-> Allowance. For a more detailed breakdown, scroll down to the Allowance section.

Tiger Brokers report allowance section
Sample allowance section
Note that there might be a lag between the stock voucher being marked as “Exhausted” and appearing in the report.
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