How to use Touch 'n Go PayDirect™ Toll Rebates

The Touch ‘n Go eWallet comes with PayDirect™, a feature which allows you to pass through tolls as usual with your added Touch ‘n Go Card(s), but toll fares will be deducted directly from your eWallet.

You can watch the video below to get a basic introduction.

When I signed up for the eWallet from the Touch ‘n Go app, it came with a promotional 3x free toll rebates. I was expecting cross tolls for free after I added my Touch ‘n Go card to the app but that was not true.

The way it actually works is this:

  1. You first have to top up your Touch ‘n Go eWallet. A zero balance won’t work.
I only added a minimal RM$10 to get things working.
  1. Link your TnG card to the app.
Linking your TnG card to the eWallet app does not mean you can tap your phone instead of the TnG card at the gantry.
  1. When you visit a supported toll, the system will attempt to deduct the toll amount from your eWallet balance. If the balance is insufficient, it will deduct from the TnG card.
  2. If the system managed to deduct from your eWallet, you will be credited a toll rebate cashback into the eWallet. There is a maximum amount of RM$2.50 you can receive for each toll rebate.

For example, when we enter JB from the Woodlands Causeway:

  • There is a Road Charge levy of RM$20. This is not supported by PayDirect™ and nothing will be deducted from the eWallet. This charge will deduct directly from the TnG card that you tap at the gantry.
  • And then there is the RM$2.90 toll. If your eWallet has more than RM$2.90 when you tap your TnG card at the gantry, the value in your TnG card is left untouched. Instead, RM$2.90 will be first deducted, and then RM$2.50 will be credited back to the eWallet.
Other Tips:

  • From what I gather from the terms and conditions, the toll rebates are only valid till 31st December 2019 so do utilise them soon.
  • You can actually link more than one TnG card to the eWallet. So if you are not going to utilise the toll rebates, you can add the TnG card of a relative or friend.
  • If you link your TnG card to the eWallet, you can actually see its balance from the app.
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