Webull Singapore Welcome Gifts and US Options Trading promotion (July 2024)

True zero commission trading and highest rewards

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Hello investors! Webull Singapore has just launched two new promotions you won’t want to miss!

US Options Trading Promotion (New and Existing Users)

From July 2024 to September 2024, enjoy 0 commission and 0 platform fee on US options trading with Webull. Simply trade min. 100 US options contracts every month, and you will receive UNLIMITED reimbursement for all US Options commissions incurred in the current month—effectively achieving 0-commission trading. If you are an Options trader, don’t miss out on this competitive deal.

Welcome Gifts (New Users Only)

Webull is known for its low trading fees, intuitive interface, and powerful tools, all of which make it one of the top choice for traders. Join Webull today to unlock these awesome welcome gifts.

Commission-free trading

When you open a Webull account, you can get 1-month commission-free trading on US stocks & ETFs, and 3-year commission-free trading on SG stocks, ETFs, REITs, & DLCs.

Cash rewards

For those who would like to get more cash rewards:

  • From 01 July 2024, deposit min. USD2,000, complete 3 US buy trades, and maintain until 31 August 2024 to get USD60 cash vouchers.
  • From 01 July 2024, deposit min. USD10,000, complete 5 US buy trades, and maintain until 31 August 2024 to get USD400 cash vouchers.

Moneybull interest

Get up to 7% Moneybull interest for up to 90 days with returns up to USD1,750! Moneybull is open to all Webull accounts.

Figures shown are based on 7-Day Yield P.A. of the USD Cash Fund in Moneybull as of 24 May 2024 plus Moneybull Interest Booster P.A.

SgReferralPromo.com Site Exclusive Bonus!

SgReferralPromo.com Exclusive Options Trading Bonus (July 2024)

Check out how you can receive an additional $150 shopping mall vouchers at our Webull Singapore referral + review post.


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